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I Joined ClientPoint to Solve a Problem that Everyone Feels

October 31, 2022

We thrive in authentic relationships. The sharing of ideas, purpose, and mission motivate us to accomplish more than we can dream of doing on our own. The tools that power our work processes are the best in history. We rejoice over automations that make our work lives easier and more efficient.

But there’s a problem. Technology is innovating so quickly that it can sometimes interrupt our conversations, relationships and the speed at which we can get business done. Let me explain because once you see the problem, you can’t unsee it.

Have you ever had a customer or prospect join your video conference late because they had to download software or an app? They join your call frustrated, maybe a little embarrassed and short on time. Not the best way to foster a business relationship or start a sales call.

Have you ever had a customer spend time trying to find the latest and greatest document you sent them by scanning through a shared drive or email?

Or had a prospect trip over your contract signing because they’ve never used your e-sign solution before? Sales professionals are booking calls to walk customers through the process of signing a document. What message are we sending? that working with us might be difficult or painful?

You get the idea.


We live in a time when we are surrounded by the finest business enablement tools yet we're forcing our customers and prospects to trip over log-ins, waste time searching through emails and having to learn new programs in order to do business with us.

It’s not your fault, and it's not theirs. We can do better.

Sales and business enablement tools have been focused inward, on the seller or provider. Outstanding efficiencies through automation have been created. It’s time that we focus on the customer experience. Let’s make it easy for them to work with us.

Since joining ClientPoint just a few months ago, I’ve been so excited to share with friends and family how awesome it is to be working with innovative visionaries who deliver disruptive solutions that will forever change B2B relationships for the better.

ClientPoint’s mission is to make it easy for people to do business with you. How do we do this? We help companies break through their tech stack and connect with their customers through digital sales and support rooms, with one simple link to better engage.

With this one link you can get the most important elements of business done. Schedule, meet, share content, build proposals with ease, collaborate, e-sign and take payment all in one place called a ClientPoint. Businesses large and small can either bring their own tech stack or use the tools ClientPoint developed. Either way, customers have one link to do all business.

This is key! Marketing, Sales, and Service Professionals continue to use the tools that they need but no longer will we force our most valuable relationships to use 15+ systems to work with us.


The vision and the mission of ClientPoint is so profound that it's hard to imagine unless we free ourselves to invent a better way. I’m honored to be a part of a team focused on solving the problem that risks bruising our business relationships each day.


Jenn Meyer

A proven SaaS, media and advertising executive with over 20 years of sales leadership and training experience. Jenn has a track record that focuses on fast revenue growth and the monetization of new innovative products and platforms. From tech start-ups to fortune 500’s, Jenn leads sales teams to success by exceeding company goals while helping her team realize their own.

Let’s provide our most valuable business relationships with one link to save, one place to meet and share, one library containing the entire relationship history whether working with one person or a large group. Easy to do business, easy to review content, easy to listen and be heard.

THIS is why I've joined ClientPoint. Because we're on a mission and the more we get this right, the more we’ll make life better for everyone.


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