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How To Get Your Blog Posts To Generate More Leads For Your Business

March 21, 2024

Look around. In fact, surf around. You'll most likely realize that millions of business enterprises nowadays have both unofficial and official blogs. However, despite the effort that these enterprises put into making their content engaging and useful, a good chunk of these blog posts generate few, or no new customer leads. Even worse, some of these posts are marketed and optimized so poorly that they attract no traffic at all. Well, there's no denying a significant percentage of online webpreneurs have been in this Waterloo at one time or another. .

But it is not all doom, nonetheless. Here's a quick primer on what you need to do to turn your online lead generation success around.

1. Optimize Your Article's Titles For Easy Google Pings

There's really no point in taking your time to craft a useful, engaging write-up then end up posting a hastily-written header (with no keywords) to accompany the otherwise excellent content. Think of it this way: A good percentage of your new visitors do not land on your blog while wandering all over your main company website. Rather, most of the conventional traffic come from specific Google searches from people looking for information regarding a certain topic, subject, course, etc. (https://backlinko.com/google-ranking-factors)

Which, of course, implies that if the main keyword is found in the title of the article, your site will be ranked higher in the results page than when the keyword is buried somewhere in the main text.

2. Diversify Your Subscription Bait

Truth be told, tricking, urging or even begging readers of your blog to subscribe to your content via mail was a novel idea back in 2010, really. Now, it is already 2024, and instead of just relying on RSS and email subscriptions to bump up your leads, think of a Facebook page where your readers/followers can 'like' and stay updated. Think about a twitter handle where you can remind them once in a while to check out your blog. How about Flipboard? You'll be surprised how fast this can go viral.

( https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-ways-to-generate-leads-with-your-blog/ )

3. Utilize Smart Pop-ups Wisely

So now WordPress and other blog paradises have a 'pop-up' feature that reminds visitors to leave their contact details with you just in the nick of time as they leave your site? Intriguing, right? But what people won't tell you is that some of these 'pop-ups' are most often than not annoying and do little or nothing at all to contribute to the number of leads you gather at the end of the week.

Instead, dump those native subscription 'pop-ups' for a more useful and accurate plugin such as Indeed Smart PopUp PlugIn for Wordpress.

Such a plug in allows you the flexibility of setting when the 'pop up' appears. This could be after the visitor has visited a number of pages on your blog or after they have left a comment on a previous post or photo. With such a system, you will avoid irking potential subscribers who are just around to check your site casually.

4. Calls To Action

Calls to action have always been a touchy subject, more so, because human beings are inclined to snub direct orders or unnecessary pitches. However, they can be a good way of marketing an affiliate's product when used strategically. For instance, only include a call to action when the content is directly related to what you're hoping to market. Another trick is to give the option of following a direct link to the product's page/website instead of simply mentioning it.

Lastly but not least, avoid getting into a habit of including CTAs in all blog posts. You'll be robbing your readers of the pleasure of enjoying a good read without having to deal with pitching.

5. Backlink Your Keywords To Authority Sites

Linking keywords in your blog posts to relevant websites does more than just make work easier for your readers. It may seem as if you're driving traffic and leads from your site at first, but in the long run, you will be improving your 'authority' (as far as SEO parlance goes) in that area of expertise.

However, tread carefully as manipulating links within your site to deliberately match certain 'reputable' sources attracts a penalty from Google.

6. Use Sidebars Creatively

Long gone are the days when bloggers used standard 'widgets' such as "Tags" and "Categories" to drive engagement to their sites. Dump these outdated and clumsy tools and create real estate for precious sidebars that will actually get you real sales leads. For instance, you can be creative enough to include handy download buttons for content related to your blog, e.g., podcasts, recorded Webinars, videos or pdfs. You can also a step further and include a short registration form where interested readers can fill their contact details before accessing the said content. This way, not only will you end up with a dozen of new subscribers per post, but also with a vehicle through which visitors can hit you up and request additional related content.

7. Offer Exclusive Access to Something Real and Useful

It's not enough to simply bombard readers with tons of pop-ups in a bid of getting them to sign up and become subscribers. Go a step further. Come up with a useful eBook, short video, software application or relevant product whose value can be appreciated by both your ardent readers and casual visitors. Then use it as an incentive to encourage readers to join your mailing list or 'like' or 'follow' your social media feeds. This way, people will actually see the social value in becoming members of your exclusive community.

8. Hold Webinars Occasionally

Webinars are another under-exploited lead magnet. Yes, it looks like much work upfront, but there are very few other platforms that can spiral your online popularity like free online seminars. While still on the same, you can also use this opportunity to interact with your online target audience and ask them to sign up for future useful Webinars.


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