How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Security Employee

March 29, 2013

Finding the right person to fill the role of a security guard is unlike sourcing for most other careers

There are many factors that you should consider when hiring a security guard; including the prospective employee\'s experience, fitness to carry out the expected functions, professionalism, and background. You should consider whether or not the applicant has experience in the type of environment you need guarded, and if he or she is registered and trained to carry a firearm, if necessary. Any past injuries or current disabilities could also prevent the guard from standing for periods of time or from walking around your property while on guard.

security guardIt is important that you learn as much as you can about a potential security employee before hiring anyone, so ask for references. An employer may also run a background check. State and national laws vary, so it is wise to hire someone with experience in conducting criminal checks or to consult with an attorney before proceeding.

You should also obtain consent, preferably written, consent from the prospective security guard before running a background check. In fact, to obtain many records, consent is required. If you are given permission, you should only delve into information that you genuinely need, and you should only use that information as necessary to evaluate that person\'s ability to act as a security employee. You must also remember that all information you acquire is strictly confidential.

Usually, when hiring a security guard, the most important question is whether or not the applicant has a criminal record. Determining the scope of a criminal records check depends largely on the laws in your area. In some places, you will only be able to examine convictions that are directly related to the job at hand. You will most likely not be allowed to look at juvenile records, which are generally sealed, and you may not be able to review arrests that did not result in conviction.

Another issue that many employers are concerned about is worker\'s compensation claims. The law will not allow you to discriminate and avoid hiring someone simply because he or she has filed a claim in the past. The only way that worker\'s compensation records can be used when evaluating employment potential is to determine whether or not past injuries may prevent the prospective employee from doing the job as described.

Running a background check when hiring a security guard can be a detailed process. There is a vast amount of information that you can learn from conducting background checks, but it is also important to respect the applicant\'s private information.

If you ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers, you should be able to hire a quality security employee that will provide years of dedicated service.

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