The Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

August 23, 2013

Do you think the highly successful salespeople just happen to be luckier than you? Then you need to rethink, here are some the top 10 habits of successful sales people you should inherit as a way to start generating some serious money in the field of selling.

1. They love what they do.

Ask a top salesperson what he really loves about selling and he'll say, "Everything". Being around them is similar to being around a power-packed energy source. Their mindset of positive outlook and faith in the value of their profession portrays this excited attitude to others. Basically they truly love their work.

2. They ask high-value questions.

The best salespeople ask plenty of quality questions to thoroughly figure out their clients’ buying needs. They already know the best way to present their service or product is to find out their customer’s goals, hesitations and concerns and they understand that the only way to accomplish this is to ask penetrating and tough questions that make their customers think.

3. They give 100% everyday

Do the most effective sales people work hard? Wrong, they work very hard. Instead of going back home an hour before closing-time, they visit one more client after everyone else has left. Not every now and then, but on a daily basis. Excuses do not even exist in their vocabulary.

4. They use time wisely

Many people have a tendency to ramble through their workday, simply floating from one task to another or doing whatever comes along. This isn't the schedule of a productive salesperson. They formulate a clear plan, schedule appointments, and finish planned tasks punctually. They know that non-productive time during the day will easily set them back.

5. They have extensive product knowledge

Great sales people know their products or services very well. They have an in-depth knowledge of the product's features, strengths as well as drawbacks. They also keep themselves updated about the hottest industry trends to adapt themselves to the ever-changing market needs.

6. They hold themselves responsible.

They understand that their actions alone will decide their success and they do what's expected to achieve their targets. They never pin the consequence on internal issues, the overall economy, tough rivals, or any other factors if they aren't able to meet their quotas.

7. They're persistent.

More often, obstacles tower in front of us. But it is what you do when dealing with these hurdles that will decide your level of achievement. The most effective salespeople in any industry tackle these obstacles that come in their way. They find new solutions. They're fierce and they never give up.

8. They're passionate

Passion is ' infectious'. It is more vital than what you realize. Retaining the passion is the most significant challenge in any business, especially sales. Successful salespeople have the ability to maintain their interest and passion. Their energy and commitment come through on every single call. Their unique blend of passion, enthusiasm and confidence drives them to hunt for new prospects while others are making excuses.

9. They honestly care about others

If your mind-set is all about yourself, that stinginess will penetrate the environment you're working in. But, great salespeople's desire is to genuinely help and care about others. Rather than pushing hard to sell, they sit with the customers and understand their needs. If you've this particular trait, you'll be welcomed as a kind of person that customers wish to do business with. This isn't something you can fake.

10. They're creative.

Creativity is the cornerstone of selling. Top salespeople find possibilities where other people quit. Getting told 'NO' by a prospect isn't the end for enthusiastic salespeople; it is just the beginning. Applying their creativity, they discover news techniques for getting to 'YES' with the clients who're a challenge.

Get better at these skills and you'll be on the right track to enjoying a prosperous sales career. Happy selling!


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