Hashtags etiquette for boosting your business

September 4, 2014

Hashtags are all over the place nowadays. You probably saw them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. As a business owner who wants to promote your product or services on social media pages, you can't overlook them. You have to know how to tactically execute these strategies of tagged topics. If you want to enhance your brand awareness and get your posts found by your key audience, hashtags can certainly help you.

  • Trending hashtags

A trending hashtag is a hashtag subject that has become exceptionally popular on social media pages. Trending hashtags are persistently changing in real time. A top 10 trending hashtags can change within minutes because one mayor event can unsettle the whole social media sphere.

You can always participate in a hashtag trend that identifies well with your business by utilizing the tag to work in your advantage. When you tag your content post, you automatically open door to a potential audience that is beyond your reach.

How do you find trending hashtags? Most of the social media platforms integrate the report into main pages of their website.  But if you want to dig deeper, we recommend these tools:

  1. Iconosquare- great tool for searching hashtag trends for Instagram
  2. Hashtags.org – You can discover the frequency of using a hashtag on Twitter and find details about the hashtags
  3. Trendsmap - This site provides you with a visual guide to see geographic hashtag patterns. For a local business, this is an incredible approach to rapidly comprehend what's trending in your area.
  • Hashtags related to branding

A brand hashtag is simply your company’s name or slogan. You must build a brand hashtag that is unique in your area and characterizes your business.  You can tell your employees to use that tag when promoting your business. The main goal of brand hashtags is to associate that tag with your company. You make your own hashtags – be it your company’s name or slogan. If you think you have found a perfect hashtag for your business, make sure you research to see if somebody else is already using it. If you don’t have a unique company name, you can always try to utilize slogans to work in your advantage.  Don’t forget to keep your hashtags short and simple to spell.  You need your clients to remember your hashtags and use them appropriately.

  • Campaign hashtags

Campaign hashtags are mostly related to marketing campaigns. The main objective of these types of hashtags is to broaden the audience reach. You can use a simple word or a phrase that is unique to your company. Always research your word combinations. If they are already popular, use something different. Campaign hashtags are ideal for contests, but you must remember to instruct your clients to use hashtags as a necessity to participate.

What are your hashtags strategies? Feel free to post a comment below.

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