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14 Steps For a 360° Social Media Success

September 2, 2014

First things first - What is 360 Social Media Marketing? It's a comprehensive approach to online networking where your intended interest group is put in the center of your efforts. The objective of 360° Social Media approach  is to influence the power of social media across your business and get rid of repetitive and unproductive efforts.

Here are 14 steps to integrate your 360 social media marketing:

- Distribute all marketing and correspondence messaging through social networking

While creating stunning and unique content marketing is imperative, it's pointless without a solid distribution and sharing. You need to spend about 50% of your time promoting your work or its destined to fail or under-perform.

1. Use diverse media formats - videos, photographs, presentations and podcasts

2. Reformat every aspect of content to engage the biggest potential audience on every social networking platform

3. Slash up longer content to provide multiple shares. For instance, each point of a list.

4. Extend the social networking lifespan of each Facebook share or Twitter RT with multiple shares or RT, where suitable.

5. Add social share buttons  to the starting and end of each piece of blog post or other content.

6. You can always install valuable software solutions like PinThis, Buffer, Hootsuite to expand your range.

7. Do not force your website guests to register with your website in order to view and share your content.

- Create content for social networking consumption on a regular timetable

Re-design your marketing  and corporate correspondences into helpful information that is arranged and optimized for social media.

8. Reformat every part of the content to guarantee that it "sparkles" contextually on each social media page.

9. Give valuable information that your clients look for on a daily basis.

- Incorporate social networking into customer service

Get your customer service sector captivated on social networking where suitable. Keep in mind the fact that just because an employee is good at telephone interactions doesn't mean they will be social media savvy.

10. Produce answers to common client questions - Q&A.

11. Give telephone numbers, addresses and email contacts on all of the social network pages to give guests an alternate approach to contact your customer service from social media. Your customer service must respond quickly to all inquiries.

- Tell your employees to promote your company on social media

Permit all of your workers to take an active interest in social media. Make sure to create a set of social networking rules before your employees begin to participate. Be firm in your rules of what they can say as about your company and products on their social media accounts.

12. Offer social media training to guarantee consistency on all of your social networking platforms.

13. Reward employees for positive social networking engagement

14. Ensure that external consultants use your business accounts and not their own. You don't want someone else to gain followers or likes that are meant for you.

360 degree social media marketing is relatively new concept, and if you implement some of the steps that we  mentioned here, you will be ahead of your competition in the social media area. What are your thoughts about this? Feel free to post a comment below.

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