Competitive Intelligence in Your Proposal

February 27, 2012

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Do you see that horn there? Everyone gets one of those. No, don't thank me; this isn't Oprah's Christmas Give-Away. You've had that horn ever since you came up with your unique business. But, you can thank me for the following advice: toot the horn.

Why? Because someone somewhere started tooting theirs and it's getting a little tough for the customer to hear your tune in all the ruckus. Competitive intelligence is an excellent way to get yourself heard above the competition.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Know your competition. Know what they do better than you. Know what you do better than them. Not only is this great for expanding and improving your own business, but it does wonders for a proposal. A proposal is essentially a statement of why the client should chose you over someone else. Give them clear cut, honest reasons as to why you can do what you do better than others and make the client's job a little easier.

Just keep in mind, no one wants to work with the kind of individual who says kind things to the face but spits acid at the back. Keep you comparison respectable and professional and the customer will realize that you too are respectable and professional.

So, go ahead. Toot that horn.

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