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Flavours Catering + Events Case Study of Success with ClientPoint

June 22, 2016

Client Point

Case Study

Flavours Catering + Events

Paperless Proposal

Case Study

Flavours Catering + Events

"Over the past 5 years using ClientPoint, have experienced a solid 25% plus increase in sales year over year"


Prior to using ClientPoint, Flavours Catering + Events used Microsoft Word to create their business proposals. They would then make a pdf version of their proposal and email it to a prospective client. To manage their proposals, they would use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This process was time consuming and required a lot of manual entry.

The problems and frustrations caused by the system were as follows:

  • Their proposal creation process was overly time consuming as there was a lot of manual entry that needed to done due to a lack of proposal creation automation tools.
  • They thought their proposals looked bland and unimpressive. They did not feel a sense of pride with the visual representation of their proposals.
  • Their proposals did a poor job of visually representing their brand image.
  • Because their proposals looked bland, they did not standout among the proposals they were competing against.
  • Employees that did not have strong Microsoft Excel skills found it difficult to use the internal spreadsheet system to manage proposals, and it was easy for errors to be made.
  • There was a large risk that important data would be lost if an employee was not careful when updating the proposal management spreadsheet.
  • They were unable to track when prospective clients opened and viewed their proposals and they did not have any type of proposal analytics to know how and when prospects were interacting with their proposals or proposal conversion rates.


Overall, the management team of Flavours Catering + Events was not pleased with their internal system for creating and managing proposals. They thought it was inefficient and it did not have the automated proposal creation, tracking, and analytics tools they needed. To solve this problem they searched for automated proposal creation and management solutions. In their search they discovered ClientPoint at an industry trade show. After participating in live demos of ClientPoint, they chose ClientPoint as their new proposal creation, tracking, and management system.


  • With the ClientPoint's template based automation system, it now only takes an employee a few minutes to create a professional business proposal and quote compared to it taking over an hour when they were creating proposals manually using their internal proposal creation system. This has led to a tremendous increase in efficiency for their sales team to create and send proposals.
  • Their proposals are now visually stunning and sophisticated. They include vibrant colors, fonts, photographs, videos, and other visually stimulating content that is impressive to the recipients of their proposals. This makes their proposals stand out as being superior to the ordinary looking proposals delivered by their competitors.
  • They are winning a higher percentage of new business because their prospects are impressed by the visual attractiveness of their proposals. Often clients will tell them how great their proposals look.
  • Their proposals are now an accurate and positive reflection of their brand image.
  • They can now accurately track every proposal they send to prospects with ClientPoint's tracking and analytics tools. They know exactly when a prospect views their proposal, how many times the prospect viewed their proposal, and what pages the prospect spent the most time viewing. They can also track proposal win/loss conversions.
  • By using the ClientPoint tracking and analytics tools they can determine which package offering the prospect is most interested in by reviewing how many times the prospect viewed specific pages of their proposal and the amount of time they spent viewing those pages. For example, when they offer a prospect three different package options to choose from, and the proposal analytics shows that the prospect repeatedly viewed the pages for package option C, they know the client has the most interest in package option C.
  • Their sales team has become more competitive now that they can track their proposal win/loss conversion rates. Each member of the sales team wants to have the highest sales win conversion rate and this has motivated their sales team to work harder to win a higher percentage of new business. This has led to an increase in sales.
  • They use the ClientPoint eBrochure tool to create beautiful digital brochures which they then link to from their website.
  • Over the past 5 years that they have been using ClientPoint, they have experienced a solid 25% plus increase in sales each year, and they believe using ClientPoint contributed significantly to helping them achieve their fast business growth.


  • ClientPoint is easy to use and their proposal templates and automation tools will allow your sales team to create proposals in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
  • We love their tracking and analytics tools. These tools have brought us a lot of valuable in-site into how and when our prospects and clients are viewing our proposals and what content within the proposal is most important to them.
  • The ClientPoint system makes it easy to create very attractive proposals that stand out and help you win more new business.
  • A proposal made using ClientPoint will make your business look more professional and technologically savvy.
  • ClientPoint gives your company a competitive advantage that you can't get anyplace else. If your company sends out a lot of proposals, ClientPoint is a must-have tool.