How to Build Instant Customer Trust for Your Business

April 25, 2014

There are many ways to convince yourself that your company is bigger than it really is. When you have a presentation with a big client, being able to portray your business as a giant in the industry can help to secure them in doing business with you. This principle does not apply when you are trying to build trust with a company, however. Getting a customer to put their faith in your company requires a much bigger effort in order to be deemed as trustworthy. Trust is going to be one of the biggest assets that your company will have during your years in business. Here are some techniques to help build trust for your business.

Getting your business off the ground can be a challenge if you have not gained the trust of your previous customers. To continue to grow and expand you have to gain the trust of people you have not even done business with yet, and this is where many business owners miss an opportunity to quickly grow their brand. In a recent study conducted by Global Trust in Advertising, it was reported that over 92 percent of customers world wide trusted a business if it came recommended by family and friends. This was over all other types of advertising campaigns that were done by companies. It's clear to see if you gain the trust of people and find a way to get them to refer your business, you can see a nice spike in sales very easily.

When you build trust with your current customers, it helps to speed up the process of securing new business when they come as referrals. This will help to increase your sales and reduce costs involved in advertising methods geared at attracting new business. The same can be said if you lose the trust of your customers. One major slip up and that loss in trust will result in slower sales and an increase in money needed to beef up advertising efforts to repair the damage. The company will begin to slide down a slope as a result of poor sales, with sluggish production, poor customer relations, and higher eventual costs as a result.

There are ways to build trust with potential customers by getting creative with the website content for your business. Becoming an authority in your niche is a great way to position yourself as an industry leader, and in turn someone who can be trusted in your field. Create a few online accounts at different social media websites, and rather than use these places to promote your products and services, help potential customers by informing them about things in your industry. Offer help, offer suggestions, and offer money saving tips without asking for a sale in return. This way the people who eventually follow you will come to trust you as someone who understands their particular needs first and foremost.

When you are making posts to help potential customers, be certain to set aside time each day to interact and answer any additional questions they have. Being actively engaged with customers will give them the impression you care about them personally and your company will be rewarded in time when they call on you for business.


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