Blind Dating & Sales?!

July 15, 2019
What do "blind dating" and "sales" have in common? 

For the modern buyer in today's digital age, the answer is a lot! 


The truth is that potential buyers can often feel like they are going on a blind date when they are booking an initial meeting with a salesperson. 
This feeling of "blind dating" is one of the biggest reasons that new leads are no showing sales teams all over the world. 
Join Brian Koehn on a walk through the gaslamp quarter of San Diego, California (one of the top places to go on a date in San Diego), while learning 4 tips to eliminate "blind dating" in your sales process. 
When you follow these quick tips, you will have more qualified leads showing up ready to buy than ever before.
If you are in sales or marketing, you won't want to miss this video! 

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