A Major Business Trend in The Digital Document Revolution

January 15, 2016

With ever advancing technology, our world is changing at an incredible pace. One of the biggest areas of change is the switch from static hard copy printed documents to entirely digital cloud-based interactive documents.

Cloud-based digital documents will soon completely replace hard copy static documents

As more people and businesses move their document creation and hosting to the cloud, one of the biggest areas of change will be that business proposals and contracts will become entirely digital and interactive. Instead of business documents being dull, static, and almost completely text based, business documents such as business proposals and contracts will move to a cloud based digital format, and include video, audio, web content, multiple file types, and full multimedia interactivity.

Tom Gosner, a tech guru at Techcrunch, recently explained in an article that one of the biggest business trends in the next 3-5 years will be that static printed proposals and contracts will move entirely to the cloud based digital realm (Source:

Gosner predicts that static business documents, such as business proposals and contracts, will completely disappear in less than 5 years. We at ClientPoint couldn’t agree more. We strongly believe that moving to an entirely paperless electronic system for document creation, tracking, and management is very beneficial for business of all sizes and obviously, incredibly beneficial for our environment. That is why we created our cloud based ClientPoint business proposal management system, and why it has quickly become the leading cloud based business proposal creation and management solution in the world.

Why this massive change to cloud-based digital documents?

Traditional static print documents are quickly being replaced by digital documents. Physically needing to scan, print, fax, sign, or ship documents has become an unnecessary and time consuming task, and a waste of resources. More and more business transactions are being performed online quickly and inexpensively using new tools such as digital signatures. Soon we will rely solely on cloud-based services to manage all documents and transactions.

Cloud-based digital contracts and agreements will replace all static paper-based agreements and will be permanently connected to the identities of each business and their clients. As contract objectives are met, digital agreements will be updated.

The main reasons behind the adoption of cloud-based agreements is the increased efficiency of processes, a major reduction in costs, and an improvement in the end-user experience. For example, which would you rather read—a traditional printed business proposal that is almost entirely text or a beautiful digital proposal that is interactive and contains, video, audio, web content, and interactivity? It's like comparing an old rusty 1980s Volvo station wagon to a new Ferrari sports car.

Financial services, real estate companies, government agencies, health care, high tech, and even insurance companies are now turning to cloud-based digital agreements as the best option to sign and manage new contracts.

However, it is not only large corporations from prominent industries that are switching to cloud-based digital agreements. An increasing number of small businesses that offer B2B services are eager to capitalize on this exciting new trend. Soon contract creation and management will never be the same because now with cloud based solutions, managing contracts is so much faster, easier, more accurate, and financially economical.

These “cloud agreements”, as Gosner calls them, are already part of the present business environment, and are being enthusiastically adopted by countless businesses in several industries and niches. The future we were expecting for so long is now here.

ClientPoint – A Pioneer in Cloud-Based Proposal Creation and Management Services

We at ClientPoint have foreseen this trend for years. In order to meet the needs of the market, we have created a suite of cloud-based tools that enables businesses to create, track, and manage digital business proposals that contain video, audio, web content, and many different file types to create a truly interactive business proposal.

We have always believed that businesses and their clients want and need a more simple, efficient, and interactive solution for creating, tracking, and managing business proposals. Creating business proposals using ClientPoints is not only a faster and easier way to create business proposals, it is also a far superior way because our tools allow you to create fully interactive multi-media proposals with only a few mouse clicks. And, our system allows you to track who views your proposals as well as full CRM integration.

Choose the Best Cloud Based Business Proposal Software Available

Since we began offering our cloud based paperless business proposal generation software, we have helped our clients save over $1 billion in proposal creation and management costs. In time savings alone our clients save an average of $100 per proposal because with our software, you can create, track, and manage an impressive digital proposal in less than one-third the time it takes to create a traditional paper-based proposal. Our proposal creation tools make creating proposals incredibly fast and easy. So, if it normally takes you 2-hours to create a business proposal, with ClientPoint software you will be able to create a far superior proposal in 30-minutes or less.

What types of business will benefit from ClientPoint?

Our cloud based business proposal creation, tracking, and management software will greatly benefit sales teams, startups, business development, and marketing departments. If you want to give your business a tremendous competitive advantage, you will want to use ClientPoint Software to create, track, and manage your professional multimedia proposals.

The Benefits of using ClientPoint Software

Our software will allow you to quickly and easily create impressive multi-media business proposals that are much more effective for winning new business. The reason is because an interactive proposal that contains video, audio, web content, pdf files, and other popular digital document formats allows you to do a much better job of explaining and demonstrating your products and services, and it helps you to differentiate from company from your competitors.

Because most companies are still creating dull text based proposals, you can offer your prospects a memorable and enjoyable experience by providing them with a beautiful interactive proposal.

When you use ClientPoint software you also get access to many additional tools including proposal analytics, CRM integration, and insights into the decision making process of your prospective clients.

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