How to get more leads and customers from Facebook in 2016

January 4, 2016

Facebook was and will continue to be the Number one social platform and lead generation network for both B2C and B2B businesses. Facebook will continue to surprise both small and large businesses by revealing unique changes that you can capitalize on.

Some of these groundbreaking changes include virtual reality, instant articles, organic visibility and a mind-blogging customer service. Read here more about the changes Facebook has in store for 2016:

Facebook is Still Hot for Advertising

The Facebook story is far from being over. While Twitter will lose a little steam, Facebook will continue to stay strong and is projected to bring in $16.3 billion just from ad sales. (source:

Facebook’s success is due to their policy to grow their user database, increase the average revenue per user and monetize their new platform. Additionally, Facebook will create their first virtual reality headset and sell it for just $99. Here is the story behind Mark Zuckenberg’s dream of connecting everyone on the planet:

Generating Leads and Sales with Facebook in 2016

As each industry continues to diversify and become increasingly competitive, 2016 will definitely be a year where online marketing will be the main point of differentiation between average businesses and top-notch brands. Facebook will continue to be the tip of the spear, offering excellent advertising and lead generation opportunities to businesses in all industries.

Here are 5 unique strategies that can help you generate many more leads than in 2015 by simply capitalizing on the power of Facebook.

  1. Extend the Lead Collection Process on your Business Page

Install a dynamic form tab right on your business page in order to enable your fans to input their contact information securely without having to worry that you will share their precious private info with the whole world. Here is a comprehensive article that will show you how to set up custom Facebook page tabs:

By ensuring that your users’ data is safe, their trust in your business will grow exponentially and they will be more eager to buy from you.

  1. Administer your Promotions the Right Way

In order to greatly optimize your lead generation process, make sure that your Facebook promotion tab is properly set up. Here is a good app that enables you to create Facebook promotions: Create personalized promotions to spike the interest of your prospects.

  1. Promote Relevant Contests

Contests are one of the best ways to generate qualified leads as long as the content is very relevant to the needs/wants of your niche target market. For example, having a contest where the prize is a service your business offers, or is one of your niche products, is very relevant to attracting the right type of prospects in your target market. However, offering a prize that has nothing to do with your business, such as a gift card to Starbucks or $100 in cash, is a poor choice for a prize as you will attract the wrong type of people to your contest and waste the time and money you spent on content promotion and the prize. Remember, the job of your contest is to ONLY attract people in your niche market--people who match the profile of your perfect customer.

  1. Capitalize on the Power of free eBooks

Email-gated content, including eBooks, will continue to be hot in 2016, just like they were in 2015. You probably already create valuable content that you post on your blog, so why not using Facebook to promote your content and get precious leads? All you have to do is to write a great case study, some advanced tips or several blog articles tied together, upload the batch on your website in form of an eBook and then create a Facebook Ad to let people know you have something valuable to offer. Of course, you can post this offer on your business page for free and ask your followers to share it.

By doing this, you will get hundreds of valuable e-mail addresses and you will be able to use them as part of your extended email marketing strategy. Moreover, you will get to enjoy a constant stream of traffic to your site thanks to the publicity you have build for yourself by offering a free eBook.

  1. Use Local Awareness Ads

Even though Facebook has launched its Local Awareness ads last year, they have launched many updates at the end of 2015 and will continue to update this app in 2016 in order to make it suitable for businesses that want to use Local Awareness Ads to get more leads.

You can now create personalized local awareness ads using your own links, photos, copy and calls-to-action to ensure each ad targets a specific location. You can even create ads that appear on Instagram. Your options are practically endless.

Bonus Tips:

Add a Compelling Call to Action

Even though this is a no-brainer, you should know that most businesses fail when it comes to adding a call to action. Truth be told, you need to add different calls to action in order to complement each one of your users’ actions. Here are some types of calls to action you should use on your business page:

- Contact us: redirect your leads to your website.

- Book now: redirect them to your lead page.

- Call now: redirect your desktop users to your phone number and your mobile users to their call app.

- Send message: let your users send you a private message.

- Buy now: redirect them to the checkout page.

- Sign up: redirect your users to your email capture page.

- Watch video: redirect them to the video related to your content.

Wisely choose the URL of each call to action button across your business page in order to redirect your prospects to the place they want to navigate. You can now even use various apps to create personalized call to action buttons and add a new flair to your business page.

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