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8 Reasons Why Paper-Based Business Proposals are Dead and Digital Business Proposals are Superior

May 14, 2016

Bland, boring paper-based business proposals are a thing of the past. Now, businesses are sending digital proposals to their clients and prospective buyers — a strategy that helps them sell more of their products and services. Creating and sending a digital proposal is easier than a paper-based proposal and it provides additional benefits when compared to a traditional paper-based proposal.

Here are several reasons why digital business proposals are superior to paper-based proposals:

1. Integrate your CRM system with your proposals using ClientPoint

Your customer relationship management system, or CRM, is one of your company's most important resources. CRM software enables you to monitor your customers and quickly collect data automatically. Now, you can integrate your CRM with your business proposals, so you can use the latest data to target the right clients. At ClientPoint, our software makes it easy for you seamlessly connect your business proposals to your CRM. The result? You can segment your proposals based on client behaviors and actions and feed information about your proposals into your CRM system for future reference.

2. Track your proposals

Both paper and digital business proposals can be used to offer products and services to buyers and clients. However, digital proposals come with more benefits than conventional paper-based proposals. You can use ClientPoint software for the latest insights into your proposals and ascertain which clients have viewed or responded to your digital documents. ClientPoint puts a contemporary spin on traditional proposals with the latest analytics software that lets you monitor your client's responses and actions. You can see which prospects looked at which proposals and which pages they looked at in each proposal and how long they looked at them, providing you with useful data and client insight. This way, you can quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of your proposals and decide on the best course of action when a prospective client views your document.

3. Manage your sales cycle

If you're sending out multiple proposals to multiple clients, it can be difficult to know how to track and manage your proposals. ClientPoint software lets you manage your sales cycle — from when you first make contact with a client right through to the completion of a deal — something you can't do with a regular paper proposal. This way, you can decide on what action to take when dealing with high-value clients who are interested in buying your products or services. ClientPoint tracks every step of your sales cycle when you send out a proposal to a client so you'll know exactly how buyers are engaging with your proposals. Filter your Sent, Viewed, Signed and Unsent proposals quickly with a few clicks of a button and get real-time updates on the progress of your proposals.

4. Incorporate multimedia into your digital documents

If you want to take your proposals to the next level and win a higher percentage of new business, using ClientPoint software will provide you with a number of competitive advantages. You'll be able to incorporate multimedia into your digital documents, such as images, audio, and video. As people are become increasingly visual, incorporating video and other multi-media into your proposals is a great way to draw attention to your business proposal and increase your chances of winning the contract. As big-name brands are likely to receive multiple proposals from various companies, you need a proposal that stands out from the crowd. Here at ClientPoint, our software lets you create a video document to showcase your company's objectives and strategies, giving your document a contemporary and sophisticated appearance that demands attention. This is a great way to get your message across instead of relying on blocks of visually boring black-and-white text.

5. Incorporate an e-signature

Paper proposals often end up on an a potential client's desk and might quickly be forgotten about. On the contrary, digital proposals can be acted on immediately, especially if they incorporate an e-signature. A client will be able to sign your proposal and return it back to you in mere seconds. The result? You get the response you're looking for without having to wait weeks or months. ClientPoint lets you integrate e-signature capabilities into your proposals so your clients can sign your document quickly and easily.

6. Save time and resources

While paper-based proposals have served an important purpose for years, the latest software for creating digital proposals saves you a considerable amount of time and resources. You'll be able to streamline much of the manual, administrative work that's usually involved when creating a proposal and automate many laborious processes. This way, you can send out multiple proposals to various prospects in minutes without breaking a sweat, giving your sales team more time to focus selling and winning new business instead of sitting in the office doing paperwork.

7. Make your proposals mobile-friendly

More and more buyers are reading proposals when they are on the move. Creating a mobile-friendly document can seriously boost your chances of getting noticed and doesn't require too much effort. With ClientPoint, your clients can view your proposal on their smartphone or mobile tablet wherever they are in the world and contact you in seconds if they want to go over the small print or make you an offer. No longer will you need to wait for a client to be in the office before they respond to your proposal.

8. Keep your documents safe and secure

Old-fashioned paper-based proposals no longer cut it. They can easily get lost and may end up on the wrong person's desk, jeopardizing your chances of winning a contract with a buyer. There is an alternative: digital business proposal software by ClientPoint makes it fast and easy for you to store your documents in the cloud so you'll be able to access them from any device, even when you're away from the office. Even if you experience a computer breakdown or power shortage when creating your proposal, everything will be backed up in the cloud for easy access at a later date. ClientPoint utilizes advanced cloud technology that provides you with more flexibility than ever before. Get access to your business proposals from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet when you're on the go or in the office.


Win more clients by creating impressive business proposals and contracts with ClientPoint Software

If you really want your business proposals and contracts to stand out and give you the best chance at winning new clients, use ClientPoint Software. It makes creating and formatting professional business proposals, quotes, and contracts fast and easy. Click here to get a free demo of ClientPoint Software or call us at 888-972-7375.

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