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Are your business proposals killing your ability to close B2B sales?

February 6, 2018

For most B2B sales that are more than $1000 in value, you are going to have to send your potential client a business proposal that outlines the terms of the sale and explains why it is in your client’s best interest to buy from your company.

Sometimes this process will be formal where you have to respond to a RFP (Request for Proposal), and you are competing against several other companies to win the client’s business. This is often the case if you want to sell to the government or to a large company.

At other times this process will be informal where you or one of your salespeople talks to a potential client and that client asks you to send them a proposal that explains what they will receive if they buy from you – the terms of the sale. This is often the case with small to mid-size companies. If they like your proposal, they will sign it and buy your product or service. If they don’t like your proposal, they won’t buy from you.

Are ugly business proposals killing your ability to close deals?

What many business people do not take seriously enough is the visual design of their proposals. Their business proposal format is usually a simple Word document that is basically black text on a white background. For color maybe they incorporate a few charts or images, but that’s about it. Overall, their business proposal is a boring looking document that does nothing to visually grab the attention of the person reading it (the buyer) and impress them so they want to buy from you and not from your competitors.

There is a very strong chance that if you are losing sales, it is because you are sending your prospective clients boring, ugly, all text proposals. All things being equal, if you send a potential client a visually boring proposal and your competitor sends that same potential client a visually attractive proposal, your competitor is going to win the business of that client every time.

We are drawn to things that are beautiful

It is important to understand that the visual quality of your business proposal will have a huge impact on whether or not your potential client loves your proposal and approves it, or dislikes your proposal and rejects it.

As people we are very visual creatures. We like looking at beautiful things. Beautiful things grab and hold our attention. Beautiful things impress us. We want to own beautiful things. This is why marketers focus so much on creating beautiful packaging. More often than not, people will choose to buy the product that has the most attractive packaging. We like and want pretty things.

Do your business proposals make your potential clients go WOW

Ask yourself, are the business proposals you send to your potential clients visually impressive and beautiful or are they ugly and dull? Do your potential clients go WOW when they see your proposals? Do they make comments on how beautiful your proposal is? Do they tell their work colleagues to look at your proposal because it looks so amazing? If no, you are sending dull proposals, and you are most likely losing business because of it.

The most attractive business proposal is usually the winning proposal

We at ClientPoint understand that the proposal that is most often selected by the client as the winning proposal is almost always the most visually attractive proposal. Therefore, we have developed ClientPoint so that our cloud-based business proposal software creates the most visually stunning multimedia business proposals in the world.

Our proposal software makes it fast and easy for you and your team to create visually stunning multimedia business proposals that include video, pdf files, photos, graphics, spreadsheets, Word docs, Google docs, web pages, and much more.

Almost every day we get emails from our customers telling us how their clients rave about how attractive their business proposals are, and that they won their client’s business because of how visually beautiful their business proposal looked.

If you want your business proposals to look far more visually impressive than those of your competitors so YOU win a client’s business instead of one of your competitors, create your proposals using ClientPoint. To schedule a free demo of ClientPoint software, click on the blue button below.

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