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Securitas USA grew sales by 25% in the year after implementing ClientPoint and reduced the time it takes to create a proposal from 3 hours to only 30 minutes.

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The Situation

To create sales proposals, Securitas North America was first using a MS Word sales proposal template they created in-house. They were not satisfied with it so they switched to a commercial proposal system offered by a competitor of ClientPoint. (For confidentiality we will call that system the “XYZ system.”) The XYZ system was cumbersome and not much better than using a MS Word document. They tried working with it for about 18 months, but they were never satisfied.

The problems and frustrations caused by using this system were:

  • The XYZ system was difficult to use and caused resentment among reps.
  • Because the XYZ system was so difficult to use, it now took sales people significantly more time to create a proposal than it took to create a proposal using the company’s original in-house proposal template. This decreased the productivity of their sales people and increased frustration.

This situation led the management of Securitas North America to look for a new proposal development and management solution.

The Solution

ClientPoint worked with the management team at Securitas North America to build custom business proposal templates that matched their exact business needs and brand image. ClientPoint then trained the Securitas North America sales teams how to use the ClientPoint system to create, track, and manage all their sales proposals.


"I would recommend ClientPoint to any business. It’s a great product all around and the people at ClientPoint are great folks to work with. Their support is phenomenal and they work around our schedule to help us. They could not be better to work with.”

Bill Barthelemy, COO, Securitas North America

The Results

  • Securitas experienced a 25% increase in sales in the year after implementing ClientPoint
  • In the past it took them 2-3 hours to create a proposal. Now, with ClientPoint, it takes them less than 30 minutes. This led to a significant increase in productivity for the Securitas sales team. The Securitas North America sales team is pleased with how easy it is to customize proposals in the system.
  • Securitas North America management is pleased with how ClientPoint has standardized their proposals, making them consistent and accurate in their appearance, content, and messaging. No longer are sales people “doing their own thing” when creating proposals.
  • Overall, Securitas says that ClientPoint gives them a strong competitive advantage in their marketplace. A proposal made in ClientPoint stands out because it is a multimedia experience rather than a static “cut and paste” pdf file, the type of proposal that most businesses send to clients. A proposal created on the ClientPoint system feels like it was created and designed specifically for the client to which it was sent.

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