The Top 5 Ways a Business Should Use Social Media Marketing to Generate More Leads and Customers in 2014

December 26, 2013

Starting a marketing campaign using social media websites is a very powerful way to generate more leads and increase your customer base in 2014. The biggest reason for all the success with this social media marketing is that the leads produced by social media is double that of traditional marketing campaigns such as direct mail, PPC, telemarketing, and participating in trade shows. In many cases the cost is significantly less and the results are further reaching. With all these benefits of social media marketing it is best to have a game plan before you tackle this type of advertising. Here are the top 5 ways a business should take advantage of social media marketing to generate more leads and customers in 2014.

Facebook Fan Pages and Advertising
The power of Facebook continues to outperform many traditional forms of marketing each year. With Facebook you have the ability to reach millions of targeted traffic with a very small budget. When you create a Facebook fan page for your business you allow customers to interact with you on a level they have not ever done in the past. You can inform interested parties of new items, sales events, or just keep them up to date on the daily goings on within the company. Once you have your page created you can utilize the promoted posts marketing feature on Facebook so that will highlight all of your content on the news feed of those people following your company. Giving your posts that extra boost is a great way to move your social media marketing campaign to the next level. These highlighted posts will put your company in front of potential customers more often and build your brand.

Marketing With Twitter Chats
Generating leads for your business just got so much easier with Twitter chats. You can grow quite a following in a relatively short time on Twitter, and once you have a group of followers you have the ability to interact with those followers in a closer manner. Creating a unique hashtag will tell the group what the discussion will be about this week. Schedule the chat at a convenient time and you will have a captive audience where you can generate a huge amount of new business. The #SmallBizChat is an example of a very popular forum where like minded individuals get together each week to discuss relevant topics. When you host a weekly chat you are presently yourself as an authority in your niche and proving to potential customers you are a credible source to do business with.

The LinkedIn Groups
Similar to Twitter chats in concept, the LinkedIn Groups are where like minded people gather to discuss topics concerning business. This social media marketing campaign allows you to interact with professionals that you would eventually like to do business with by promoting your company as a leader in the industry. When you sell blank apparel online what better group to be involved with that screen printers. When you participate in a group that discusses topics about screen printing and provide information about what types of shirts work best with different inks, you are not coming off like a salesman. Those business contacts will turn into business leads and when they need a new source for supplies they have a direct line to reach you.

The Google+ Hangouts
Take your social media marketing campaign to the next level by participating in Google+ Hangouts. You can promote your business to potential customers in real time by communicating with them directly. When you interact with potential sales leads on Google+ Hangouts you put a face to your business and give customers the answers to questions they will not find on many of your competitors websites. You can create customer service sessions to inform new customers all about the services your company provides. You can promote free giveaways or contests in your company and create a buzz quickly. If you have new arrivals or products you would like to give a few select people a first hand look at, you can get people talking about your items by giving a few away for free in a free product demonstration.

Instagram Direct Communication
Instagram has been one of the biggest successes in 2013 for growing a client base and reaching potential customers. With the new direct communication feature in Instagram you can take your social media marketing and kick it into overdrive quickly. When people follow your account on Instagram you now have the ability to communicate directly with them like never before. You can send a direct message, picture, and video to individuals who you want to target and grow a relationship with. This is extremely valuable if you run a company and have many followers who are not yet customers. By interacting one on one you give that customer a sense they are dealing with a person who they already know and trust. Once you make a few new leads those new customers will help spread the work as they comment and like your postings on the Instagram home page.


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