5 Tips to Get More Leads from LinkedIn in 2014

December 29, 2013

LinkedIn has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media marketing campaigns. Last December there were over 94 million visitors to the site, which was a 40% increase in traffic from the previous December. With all that traffic coming into the site, creating and online presence on LinkedIn is a must if you want to generate more sales leads to your business. The numbers do not lie when it comes to visitors, and by following these 5 tips you will get a significant amount of sales leads from LinkedIn in 2014.

Adding Custom Banners for New Leads
LinkedIn allows you to add custom banners to your company page at no cost. The biggest benefit to adding these banners to your profile is that each banner can link to your business website. With millions of people visiting this site each day the added exposure for your website could be tremendous. To increase sales leads to your website try adding three banners to your product and service section of LinkedIn. By funneling all that traffic to your website you have the opportunity to not only increase your sales, you give your visitors a simple way to reach you when they have questions concerning your products and services.

Utilize the Lead Collection Widget
With all the traffic that is coming to LinkedIn you could increase your sales leads by grabbing as many of those visitors as possible. When you install the Lead Collection widget on your site you give millions of visitors the ability to easily input their information with just one simple click. With the amount of mobile users that are accessing the LinkedIn website, giving leads the ability to quickly leave their information with one click greatly increases the likelihood that they will request more information from you.

Customize Your Calls to Action
Within the Linkedin pages is a section called the dashboard. You have the ability to customize the products and service page so that different users will see different content. Change the products or services based on the interests of the people visiting. When you target visitors based on their job functions you can then in turn change the links and messaging to increase the likelihood that they turn into sales leads and them customers.

Update Your Status Each Morning
Although posting updates anytime of the day will reach an audience, it has been shown on LinkedIn that early morning posts reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood they will follow though to your website from your banners. Post engagement numbers allow you to quickly monitor when visitors hit your page and allow you to adjust those posts accordingly. When analyzing the numbers you will be able to recognize which content gets shared the most. These shares are how your sales leads will eventually increase, so take time to study them and continue with those daily updates.

Educate Your Audience to Become a Leader
Promote other groups on LinkedIn that you think potential visitors to your website would benefit from. When you promote other groups you are seen more of an authority than that of a spammer who is merely posting links to his own website day after day. By positioning yourself in this way you can actually use those groups to learn more about your audience and participate in discussions where you are seen as a leader in that field. As a contributor rather than a spammer, you may find your company page being promoted on other people\'s profiles by way of the group. This will in turn generate new sales leads that will increase your sales numbers for 2014.


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