How to Get Leads and Make Sales Using LinkedIn

October 10, 2013

LinkedIn currently has over 200 million members in more than 200 countries and is the largest network of professionals on the internet. There are many networking opportunities that could result in getting some targeted leads that could turn into potential sales. You simply have to utilize LinkedIn to get your name to stand out from your competition using some of these marketing tips.

LinkedIn is a premium business model that allows you to interact with other professionals in your niche. You must first grow your network by joining groups in your related field, so that you can increase your company’s reach and increase your connections. The best way to target new leads is to target different groups in your industry that are the top in that field. You can do a search with particular keywords and then sort the search by how much activity that group gets. Your goal here is to interact with individuals of businesses you would like to sell to, who are in a position to get you an appointment with the decision makers of companies. Be sure to join groups that you see your prospects are part of as well.

Participating actively in the Q&A section of LinkedIn is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field. You do not have to try to be an expert concerning every question that you see, simply posting an answer to a question every once in a while gives the impression you are a contributor and have extensive knowledge in your niche. Even though posting answers does help your credibility, to increase your chance of getting targeted leads you must engage other people in that forum to really reach your desired results. Adding value to any conversation will go a long way in gathering quality leads and referrals.

One of the best features on the LinkedIn website is the person network updates. To be a part of this feature you need to properly build up your company page and make sure to position your company how you would like it to be viewed. When creating your business page you should utilize keyword rich product descriptions and service titles. Your company will show up in multiple searches for your products or service if you take the time to identify what people will be searching for when pertaining to your niche.

Once you have your profile looking professional and your company information is properly constructed with keywords that will send potential leads to your page, you need to begin finding people to follow. You should begin to follow the company pages of those industry leaders you want to emulate. You should follow potential prospects, industry peers, industry partners and people who are following the big dogs in your field. Begin commenting and sharing information each day when you have time. The biggest benefit to sharing this information is that you and your company instantly pop up on the radar of the people that you are following. This puts you in the best possible position to get new leads and recurring sales.


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