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What to Say in Voicemail to Get More Call Backs

December 26, 2014

When making business calls and trying to get people on the phone, there are a few key things that you can do to get the person that you need to speak with to call you back. First of all, you must create a sense of urgency in your voicemail messages. Perhaps alluding to a special deal that only you can get for them but only within a given time frame? Sometimes the thought of getting something that no one else is getting will prompt them to call you back.

Another important thing when attempting to get beyond the gate keepers who often check the voicemails of their bosses, make sure that you know their boss by the first name. Speak to them as if you have literally known them forever and already have an established relationship with them.

Never use a tone that isn’t confidant. Say things like “WHEN you call me back, we’ll discuss that discount that you wanted” and things such as that. Let them know that you fully expect to hear from them and there’s a really good reason that they want to call you. You are getting them a deal that they’d of course want to take advantage of.

When you get voicemail, it is also extremely important to speak clearly and repeat your name and phone number after leaving the short message. Don’t get too wordy. Leave something short and sweet. “Hey Tom, I’ve got that information that you wanted regarding XXXXX, call me back at xxx-xxxx…again, that’s xxx-xxxx. Talk soon.” If nothing else, you’ll most likely get a call just from curiosity. So many office managers and people who call the shots and make decisions will speak to so many sales people each week that they honestly forget who they asked for what. Use this against them and pretend that you are simply jogging their memory.

Be careful to not speak too quickly. Enunciate and keep your message short and to the point. No one enjoys having their time wasted or having to listen to a voice mail message several times in order to get the person’s name or phone number. In fact, you can nearly bet that if this is the case, you are definitely not getting a call back and your message is getting deleted. Take your time and do the message properly. Otherwise just don’t bother to call.

Assume when you dial the number that you will get voicemail and just be ready for it. Too often people get anxiety and just hang up when they get a voicemail. That is certainly not the way to make sales or to ever speak with someone. Many times all calls will go to voicemail so that they may pick and choose who they’d like to speak to and who they are avoiding. Don’t get yourself on the "who to avoid" list. When you do get someone on the phone, be prepared. Know what your purpose for calling is and be ready to state it clearly and concisely. Again, no one in business management has time to be wasted. Respect their time and increase your odds of them respecting you.

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