Revealed: How to Grow Your Business Even if You Don't Know How to Sell

June 15, 2014

Even if you are a terrible salesperson, you still have plenty of opportunities to grow your business. The basics of selling all come down to trying different techniques until you see some results, then constantly refine the process as you see those results improve. Selling your products or services is not about reading from some business proposal like a robot in the hopes of landing a few sales. The sales process needs to be a plan you have in place that shows you at your best and allows you to know exactly where you are because you can analyze results more closely. Here is a detailed guide on how to create that effective sales process and sell more effectively.

Step 1 - Imagine That Perfect Sale
There had to be at least one sale where you landed the client and actually closed a very nice deal. This is the starting point for your new effective sales process. Imagine yourself back at that sale and begin to write down all the small steps you took to make that deal happen. This list will be the starting point, a sort of business proposal that you are going to use to sculpt your new sales process. This list can be improved upon as you go, the most important thing is to get the framework down so you have an effective formula to fall back on.

Step 2 - Creating Goals for Each Step
Now that you have your steps written down for a successful sale, it is time to create some realistic goals for each step in that process. As the deal moves forward you work on the next step in succession, so write down what needs to happen at each step to get closer to closing the deal. The end goal might be get a big sale, that is not the goals you write on each stop of the sales process. To get the customer to agree with you could be a goal that helps move you towards the next step. Getting them to agree to a meeting, a presentation, or even a follow up call, these are effective individual goals that will get you closer to landing the sale.

Step 3 - Measure the Results
Now you have a basic outline of the steps needed to get the sale and you have individual goals that will get you to the bottom of that list. This is where you measure the results as you go. Gathering valuable data that will help you to determine if you simply need to modify some of your efforts or double up on others. By analyzing the date of each individual line you get real power in that you see exactly what is working and what is not. Rather than looking at one lump plan, you see which tiny parts of the plan are effective and which are not. If your sales process included a line about how many days you were to close the deal and you are falling short every time, you know where to focus more effort.

Step 4 - Effective Testing
Once you have begun analyzing results you can test to see how it affects the end result. Too many business owners get comfortable with a business proposal and work it whether it is successful or not. Now that you have the sales process outlines, test a few different ways of doing business and see how it affects the end result. Try different types of email blasts, call a client at different times of the day, and spotlight other services you offer. By mixing up the process you may hit that sweet spot that can turn around your company.

Step 5 - Don't Be Afraid of Change
The only way to improve the results is to make changes when they are called for. With this new plan you will not be trying things randomly, you have an effective strategy for getting the most out of your sales efforts. Once you identify an area that needs change and you find a better way to get that result, don't be afraid to make the change. You should begin closing more deals and gaining more confidence as the days pass.

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