Proposal Science

July 2, 2012

Imagine a world in which you could research 25,000 business proposals. You could study what worked and what didn’t. Then you could rule the business world with your newfound knowledge.

Well, call me Make-A-Wish Foundation, because I’m about to make that world your reality. Bidsketch scoured more than a quarter million of their proposals to bring the information that I’m about to share with you folks.

1. Business Proposals work better than price estimates. What’s the difference between the two? An estimate focuses on prices. A proposal focuses on solving the client’s problem, while including price information. 43% of proposals succeed, only 35% of estimates succeed.

2. Short business proposals hold attention. Proposals under 5 pages succeed 51% of the time. Proposals over 5 pages only succeed 39% of the time.

3. Put them online (hint hint). Online proposals are accepted 60% faster than the traditional forms.

4. Make it fast. A winning proposal is sent to the client in 2.7 days. The average losing proposal? The company took 3.4 days to send it.

The world is now your oyster. You can thank me later.

Source (and home of a beautiful infographic): How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals

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