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Discover ClientPoint Software Hosted on Amazon Web Services

April 7, 2015

Cloud-based software is only as good as the web service that hosts it. ClientPoint is the world's leading business proposal development, management, and tracking software. ClientPoint allows your business to rapidly and effortlessly produce powerful business proposals. To ensure ClientPoint is always running smoothly and at top speed with zero downtime, ClientPoint is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Using ClientPoints, you will not only save an enormous amount of time and money, you can also be able to produce beautiful and highly customized business proposals quickly and efficiently. ClientPoints allows you to integrate your CRM system information directly into your cloud based content. Proposal delivery is effortless and flawless.

You can substantially decrease the amount of time your sales and marketing team needs to prepare business quotes, proposals, and contracts. If your business is high volume and you need to produce a lot of business proposals, using ClientPoint will provide you with a tremendous time savings. Whether you are creating business proposals, interactive presentations, dynamic e-brochures, or consistently tracking the proposals you have delivered, ClientPoint will pay for itself through time savings in very little time.

One-click tracking

Using ClientPoint’s cloud-based software lets multiple teams or individuals view your proposals and track sales information at will. You can study tracking information of who is viewing what statistical data or spending time looking at a specific feature, such as training material. Using this data, you can focus your sales pitch and follow up to meet your prospective client’s needs. The cloud-based nature of ClientPoint allows access from anywhere with a single click.

Solid hosting services

ClientPoint is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving it an unprecedented record of almost zero downtime. AWS was named the undisputed leader in cloud service providers by Gartner in its updated report of infrastructure. Amazon Web Services claimed the coveted placement as leader in the Magic Quadrant, as cloud service is commonly called. In fact, Amazon was so far ahead of its competition, Gartner had to alter the MQ scale just to keep Amazon on the radar.

The superiority of Amazon Web Services as the dominant vendor in the industry translates into stability and uninterrupted accessibility for those wise enough to utilize ClientPoint in their business model.

Cloud native software

The superiority of cloud-native software has been established within the business community. Having a stable platform on which to conduct business, whether it is simple tracking of sales data or the more in-depth statistical analysis of usage and views of a specific website or page, is imperative to the success of any business. Cloud-native software is only as good as the hosting service on which it depends. Without an outstanding web hosting service, your software is in danger of becoming lost in the cloud.

Businesses that invest in ClientPoint software for their business proposal development and management needs are not faced with this dilemma. With ClientPoint being hosted by AWS, the stability and accessibility of the software is never an issue.


When you need a tool to generate powerful business proposals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, ClientPoint offers the security and accessibility that will meet your business's needs. Couple the ease of customization for your proposals with the solid web hosting services of Amazon, and you have a winning combination that will support your business in the cloud for as long as you need it.

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