Why Learning Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business

June 11, 2014

Digital marketing tends to cause many business owners to cringe because they simply cannot put their finger on exactly what process will work best for them. Digital marketing all comes down to the three basic fundamentals of any successful advertising campaign. First you have to focus on segmentation, then target your audience, and finally position yourself as the best choice to buy from in your marketplace. Just because the landscape continues to change online, it should not be a reason for the business owner to fear digital marketing. If done successfully it can transform traffic and sales in a very short period of time.

The best digital marketing tool is sending email to your email list. Email remains the number 1 digital marketing tool for lead generation and sales. The second most powerful digital marketing tool is Google AdWords so you can be found when people search Google and their partner websites for the types of products or services your company sells.

Most companies that are struggling with digital marketing are struggling because they have their eggs in too many different social media baskets, which is a tremendous time and resource waster. There are so many different social sites to set up a business profile that business owners feels that they have to have a presence on as many as possible. This can actually hurt your marketing campaigns because you are spreading yourself out too thin to make this platform successful. There simply is no way you can properly interact with your target audience in a way that will position you as an industry leader or a brand that can be trusted. Too many business owners get caught up in analyzing all the date from all their social websites, getting overwhelmed and confused in the process. This leads to over analysis and eventually paralysis. Not good.

The best way to make use of digital marketing is to focus on your company's website. This valuable piece of real estate on the web is a direct extension of the company and can work as a sales funnel that drives new customers right to your door. The way to supercharge your traffic is to focus on one social media platform like Facebook, and drive all that correspondence to the main website where the money changes hands. Many business owners have it backwards, where as they have their main website set up to drive you to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, basically sending them away without the chance of doing business. It should be the other way around, meaning get them from your social media sites to your main website where the more important business takes place.

The most effective way to get the most out your digital marketing campaign is to do the opposite of what you have been doing up to know. Stop spending all that money upfront on a big campaign and then letting it tail off so you can measure the results. Start with a digital marketing campaign across different media and monitor the response. The main digital advertising tool you should use is email marketing to your email list followed by Google AdWords. By changing Google text and banner ads and email blasts depending on responses, you fine tune the campaign so that you get the maximum results with the same amount of effort.

The business owner need to stop being so concerned with Social media and the latest Google search engine algorithm designed to knock off the search engine optimization cheaters to the system and focus on doing things right from the start. Finding the right balance in your marketing campaign is all about reaching your target audience and monitoring their reaction. Then you either move on or ramp up the campaign depending if anyone is responding.


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