How to Get Better Results from Facebook Advertising

May 26, 2014

Each year social media marketing get more powerful and more results for businesses. Companies are beginning to realize that now is the time to take advantage of the biggest social media platform if they want to grow their business. Facebook advertising is growing in popularity as a reliable place to market specific products as well as their brand. Everyone who uses Facebook has the same opportunity to reach a worldwide audience, and it is this level playing field that is drawing in new business to try and grab a slice of that networking pie. Here are a few ways you can utilize Facebook advertising and get better results with your marketing campaigns.

The key to reaching your audience in any type of advertising is to know when your target audience is listening. You wouldn't run radio ads to senior citizens at 10pm because this isn't the time the majority of them are awake. The same can be said for your Facebook advertising campaigns. Don't target college kids early in the morning when the majority of them are online during the evening. Do a trial run and test the results at different times of the day with your target audience. When you find the sweet spot you can then ramp up the campaign.

One of the best ways to get people interested in your products or services on Facebook is to let others do the talking for your business. If you have recently sold products or services to new customers, ask them to visit your Facebook page and leave feedback about their experience. Their reviews will help to show other potential buyers what they can expect from your product. If you recently ran a Facebook advertising campaign, ask anyone who did make a purchase from that campaign for their input. See what attracted them to the ad and what made them follow through with the purchase. You will gain valuable insight that you can use on your next campaign.

When you have a Facebook advertising campaign running, you are going to get a lot more traffic to your Facebook page. If your wall is full of text and links without any pictures, it can get boring for a reader very quickly. Put up pictures in between your posts. Post pictures of new services, post pictures of your warehouse, and post pictures of your staff hard at work. These pictures help to put a face to the company, and that is the foundation of social marketing anyway. People want to know who they are doing business with just as much as what they have to sell,

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make on Facebook is they forget to add a call to action to their Facebook page. You put all that effort and money into a Facebook advertising campaign, you got all this new traffic to your page, and you didn't put up a direct call to action so the visitors to your Facebook page looked and left without buying. Buyers need help in making that final click of the mouse to make a purchase, and if you place the call to action right in front of them they are more likely to click it. Without a call to action you are letting these leads simply slip right through your hands.

Facebook gives you the unique opportunity to compete on the same playing field as the leaders in your industry. Take advantage of these tips and get a bigger piece of that marketing pie.

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