How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business's Facebook Page

February 10, 2014

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media websites for business. The ability to reach potentially millions of targeted customers can easily be done if you practice just a few simple techniques. In addition to the power of this platform, you can actually build a professional looking page for free. For all these reasons and more, you must simply have a Facebook business fan page. Here are some techniques that will help you get more likes to your page once it is up and running.

Joining Facebook Groups
Once you have your Facebook fan page created, now you can work on attracting more likes to your page. When more people like your content, those pages are then placed in front of the followers of your fans. The ability to have your content seen by millions of people hinges on getting as many to like your pages as possible. To first do this you need to join Facebook groups that are relevant to your company. When you interact in a group of like minded individuals, you bring more attention to your company and your services. When you share helpful information and like other people's posts, they will often feel obligated to do the same to you as well. Be creative in choosing your groups. If you sell tee shirt printing supplies, in addition to joining screen printing groups you could look for groups on fabric painting, advertising specialties, and crafters. As people begin to interact with you and like your posts, your company posts will show on their news feeds, thus helping to promote your company to all their fans too.

Posting Relevant and Engaging Content
Your Facebook business page is not the place to be posting pictures of cute puppies or videos of stupid criminals getting caught by police, this is a direct extension of your company. Your fan page should not be a place you simply post information about your services and products either or you will be looked at as a spammer. Use the 80/20 rule on your business fan page and post eight pieces of content that could help people who are looking for information in your niche. Sprinkle in two posts every ten about your company services. If you are selling green products, post content about different techniques used to help preserve the resources of the planet. If you can engage your visitors with content, you will become an authority in your groups on your industry. This makes it much easier for people to like your future postings.

Don't Set It and Forget It
Unlike many other platforms that help you get traffic, do not set up your Facebook fan page and then post and disappear each day. When you publish content that is engaging and you encourage interaction, you have to be able to respond when people begin commenting on your posts. If you are not responding on a regular basis to posts, you will not be taken serious in that niche. Find time each day to make suggestions, respond to comments, and offer advice if applicable. The more people see you on your page and in the groups, the more they will come to rely on you, especially when the time comes when they need your particular product and service. This means they will also be more than happy to like all your posts.


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