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Enhanced Email Delivery with SendGrid

May 10, 2011
Have any of your emails ever gotten caught in a spam filter?
So have we, so to ensure the highest levels of proposal delivery possible Paperless Proposal Software has integrated with SendGrid.
SendGrid powers the hottest web applications in the business and we are happy to bring their email delivery capabilities to our clients at no additional cost to you to ensure that all possible measures have been taken to ensure that your proposals do not get stuck in spam filters.
You will notice you have two options now when you send a business proposal.  The first option is to let Paperless Proposal send your proposal with our new best in the business email delivery system.  The second option  we now provide is a custom link you can copy and paste into your own email client such as Outlook and send your proposal that way.  Below is a screenshot of the new option tabs you will see when you email a proposal.

We are happy to bring these new client requested features to you, and as always greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas.
Rest assured that if you let us email the proposal your name will still display in an on behalf of line and when your client responds to an email it will go directly back to your inbox as always.
As with all email systems including yours and mine there is no way to ensure 100% deliverability around spam filters.  We have been hard at work getting as close to that 100% as possible and now give you these two options to make sure your proposal can always reach your potential client.
We are also launching Regions so you can now classify a proposal by Division and Region.  If you do not use Regions in your business please leave this field blank.
Enjoy the new features and let\'s go make some sales in the New Year!


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