Email marketing: 4 easy ways to keep subscribers interested

October 30, 2014

To key to making the most of email marketing is to keep the content of the emails interesting and engaging. There is no use in having a long list of subscribers if most of your emails end up in trash before they’re even opened. The reasons for unsubscribing are mainly tedious content, too much self-promotion, and emails that take too much time to read. To avoid boring your customers, the emails have to be absorbing, concise and to the point. They should be a pleasure to read and leave the customer wanting to find more about your service. We give you five easy tips on how to avoid boring your customers and keep them away from that unsubscribe button.

Get personal

The number one rule for great email marketing strategy is to talk less about yourself and more about the customer. The emails should be customer-oriented and focused on their individual preferences. Address the customers by their first name and engage them with rhetorical questions. This will show that you genuinely want to understand what their needs are before you move on to talk about what you can do to meet those needs. The emails should make each customer feel as if they are your most important customer and not just a number on the subscriber list.

Watch your mouth

Language of marketing emails can make a world of difference in keeping the customers interested. Your customers’ inboxes are already full of advertisements written in stock phrases and meaningless platitudes of self-promotion. To make your email stand out, avoid obnoxious salesy clichés that people are tired of hearing. Be casual and witty, but keep your jokes tasteful so that you don’t come across as immature and unprofessional. The key is to find the right balance between informative content and playful language.

Reward the readers

To make subscribers feel good about opening your emails and keep them looking forward to reading the next one, consider rewarding them every so often. Show that you appreciate those customers who open your emails by offering a useful tip at the end or sending a heartwarming picture. Every so often, include coupons and special deal offers in the email as a sign of gratitude for customers’ loyalty. The content of the email should bring a smile to a customer’s face, not make them feel like they just wasted two minutes of their life for nothing.

Change it up

The element of surprise is one of the most effective tricks of email marketing. Even if you’re not losing hundreds of subscribers and you think your marketing strategy doesn’t need any improvement, changing your style every now and then is a great way to keep the customers on the edge. If you keep using the same formula, your emails will eventually become old and predictable, no matter how interesting the content might be. Even something simple such as changing the font or the outline of the email from time to time is enough to keep your customers interested.

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