How to Make Your Business Proposals Shockingly Amazing in 2016

February 18, 2016

The business environment has radically changed in the past couple of years. More and more companies are now using digital documents throughout their organization, including digital business proposals to reach their prospective clients and experience more success than businesses that still choose to go with the old, and soon to be extinct, paper-based business proposals.

Digital Documents are the New Trend

Marketers and business futurists have predicted this trend for many years. Digital documentation is the new trend in nearly every aspect of running a company. Businesses now use cloud-based systems to share information and stay connected. CRMs are specially built with ease of use in mind, featuring plenty of digital elements. This is especially true for areas such as business proposal management software, electronic signatures, sales enablement tools, and online business proposals.

Save Time when Creating Business Proposals

There have been countless studies published about the inefficiencies and inefficiencies of the sales processes. They have all highlighted how much money, and of course time, companies are wasting by using traditional sales practices such as creating paper-based business proposals.

This infographic from Domo ( shows how much time all those administrative tasks are actually stealing from your company. Instead of focusing on what they do best, most salespeople perform administrative tasks that have nothing to do with selling. One of these time wasting tasks is creating traditional business proposals instead of using a software solution to automate much of the process of creating a business proposal.

For instance, with ClientPoint you can create modern, digital business proposals in minutes by integrating your CRM system with the ClientPoint software. This enables your sales team to save precious time and focus on what really matters--interacting with prospects and clients and selling. Just as the infographic posted above recommends, to keep your sales reps happy and continue being successful in your market, you need to seriously consider automating all of that administrative work they are doing.

Paper-Based Business Proposals Are a Problem

As a business owner you are hurting your sales team's ability to sell by having them make business proposal the traditional way. This is because making business proposals the traditional way is very time intensive and prone to errors and inconsistency.  With ClientPoint you can automate much of the proposal making process, which will cut down the time it takes your sales reps to make business proposals by as much as 90%.  It also reduces errors and makes your proposals more visually impressive so prospective clients are more impressed with your proposal and hire you instead of your competitors. It also frees up much more time for sales reps to spend talking with new prospects and winning more business for you. Here is a case study on how ClientPoint helped a business double it sales while reducing the time it took its sales reps to create a business proposal by 400%!

We also know that as a rule sales reps hate doing paperwork and creating business proposals. Because of this dislike for doing paperwork, many sales reps do not focus on creating a quality error-free business proposal and instead create their proposals quickly, which causes your proposals to be inconsistent coupled with spelling and grammatical errors. As a result, business proposals that are meant to close deals are ineffective and hurt your business instead of help it.

In a nutshell, old fashioned paper-based business proposals are not very effective anymore and they are holding your business back from winning more new clients. Moreover, they are putting an extra strain on your sales representative team and wasting a lot of their precious selling time. To top it all, more and more companies prefer to receive digital business proposals. Which would you rather receive and review--a beautiful interactive digital proposal or a boring old-fashioned paper proposal?

Digital Trends in the B2B World

When designing a business proposal, you need to capitalize on the digital document trend, which is a game-changer. With a digital business proposal, you can speed up the time it takes for your prospects's to approve your proposals, because with ClientPoint your prospects can accept your offer with a click of the mouse.

To take things even further, digital business proposals are appreciated by governments and multinational corporations. The concept of a secure, online business proposal enables your prospects to easily engage with rich media including video, audio, web pages and online apps, multiple file types, and more.

Creating and mailing paper-based business proposals is a thing of the past that will soon cease to exist. As the business environment moves completely into the digital realm, nearly all businesses will switch to 100% digital proposals that connect to their CRM.

ClientPoint – The Solution

The solution to the paper-based business proposal issue is to stop creating old fashioned paper-based proposals and move to high quality interactive digital "paperless proposals."

ClientPoint is a pioneer in the digital documentation trend. ClientPoint software has helped businesses win over $1 billion through the creation of impressive and interactive digital business proposals. ClientPoint software on average helps companies cut down the time it takes them to create a business proposal by over 90% through easily customization templates and automation tools.  For sales reps who hate wasting time doing paperwork such as creating business proposals, ClientPoint software is a favorite tool that makes them much more productive and helps them sell considerably more.

Win more clients by creating impressive business proposals with ClientPoint Business Proposal Software

If you really want your business proposals to stand out and give you the best chance at winning new clients, use ClientPoint Software. It makes creating and formatting professional business proposals fast and easy. Click here to get a free demo of ClientPoint Software or call us at 888-972-7375.

Click here to read a case study of how ClientPoint Software helped a business double sales.




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