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Cypress Creek Pest Control Case Study of Success with ClientPoint

June 29, 2017


Case Study

Cypress Creek Pest Control

Located in Houston, TX, Cypress Creek Pest Control is one of the largest independently owned full-service pest control companies in the state of Texas, protecting the health and property of over 12,000 homes and businesses.

To find out more, visit or call (281) 783-3729.

Paperless Proposal

Case Study

Cypress Creek Pest Control

Located in Houston, TX, Cypress Creek Pest Control is one of the largest independently owned full-service pest control companies in the state of Texas, protecting the health and property of over 12,000 homes and businesses.

To find out more, visit or call (281) 783-3729.

"We increased the productivity and success of our sales and marketing team, which has helped us to double our closing rate and greatly increase sales."


To create business proposals to win the accounts of prospective customers, using a single sheet of paper, a sales rep would create a proposal and price quote that included information about the pest control services they would provide to that prospective customer and a price quote. This document was essentially a 1-page sales letter.

The problems and frustrations caused by using this manual system are as follows:

  • Because their proposals were little more than a simple 1-page sales letter, they were not visually impressive to prospective clients. There was no “wow” experience when a prospective client received their proposal.
  • As their proposals were simple and paper-based, they did not create a modern and “high tech” experience for prospective clients, especially for the tech savvy under age 40 population who expect and demand a digital experience. To win the business of people under age 40 you need to use the latest technology, and simple paper-based proposals seemed very behind the times.
  • Their paper-based proposals did not make their company stand out as being different and better than their competitors. Because their proposals were paper-based, their proposals made their company look behind the times and put them at a disadvantage for winning the business of new clients, especially the tech savvy under age 40 population.

Carol Schmitz, VP of Sales at Cypress Creek Pest Control, decided that their old fashioned paper-based proposal system was out of date and was putting their company at a big disadvantage for winning new business.

Carol wanted a new system that was a fully electronic cloud-based end-to-end system for creating, editing, delivering, tracking, and managing their business proposals. She wanted this system to be able to create very attractive proposals that could be delivered and viewed on desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and to have their proposals displayed correctly on all of those different size screens.

Carol also wanted the system to be very easy to use. The software’s interface needed to be intuitive, requiring little to no training to use, allowing their employees to immediately “hit the ground running” to create and deliver custom proposals.

After reviewing multiple software vendors, Cypress Creek Pest Control chose ClientPoint to be their business proposal creation, delivery, and management platform because it provided them with all the tools and flexibility they wanted.



ClientPoint worked with Cypress Creek Pest Control to build flexible proposal templates that matched the format and needs of their different types of clients (commercial and residential). ClientPoint then trained their employees how to use ClientPoint’s cloud-based software platform to create, edit, deliver, track, and manage all of their proposals and price quotes.


  • Their proposals are now beautifully designed and branded digital documents that make their company stand out as being superior and far more technologically advanced than their competitors. This has doubled their closing rate for acquiring both commercial and residential clients.
  • They have received great feedback from clients telling them how much they are impressed by their digital proposals because they look very professional and modern, and they show a great attention to detail that the proposals they received from other pest control companies did not have. This positioned Cypress Creek Pest Control as the best solution.
  • They can now create and send a beautiful multi-page highly robust proposal in less time than it took them in the past to create a simple 1-page paper-based proposal.
  • Their proposals can now be delivered to and read on desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, which their clients prefer over paper-based proposals.
  • Because ClientPoint creates digital documents, it allows Cypress Creek Pest Control to be a much more environmentally friendly “green” company, which is highly preferred by their clients and is a selling point. In today’s environmentally conscious world, reducing the use of paper and being environmentally friendly is a strong selling point, and it is great benefit for the environment.
  • With proposals now being so fast and easy to create and send no matter where a sales person is located, their sales team has doubled the amount of proposals they are sending out, which has greatly increased sales. The sales team also loves that they can easily create and send proposals using a computer, tablet, and even their smartphone.
  • With ClientPoint’s reporting tools, the company’s management team is able to see the performance of each sales rep and the win-loss status of each proposal. Because every proposal and the status of each proposal is saved, they have found that by going back to prospects where they did not win the contract a couple of months later, they can often win a percentage of those prospects back because of those prospects not being happy with the vendor they had chosen.
  • Besides using ClientPoint for proposals and price quotes, they are also using it to create, manage, and send new documents, such as electronic brochures. So besides being a powerful tool for sales, they also use ClientPoint for marketing.


  • ClientPoint is a great software tool for businesses that want to move from unattractive paper-based proposals and price quotes to environmentally friendly and beautifully designed digital documents. It is also a good tool for companies that want to increase the productivity and success of their sales and marketing team. What we like most is that ClientPoint is easy to use, it’s flexible, and it creates beautiful proposals that make our company and brand look very professional, which has helped us to double our closing rate and greatly increase sales. We also really like the proposal analytics and reporting tools as they allow us to always know the exact status of each proposal we send out and the sales performance of each of our sales reps.

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