5 Great Tools to Make Blogging Easier

January 20, 2014

When it comes to making your blogging business easier, there are many tools at your disposal that can increase your productivity and bring in more traffic than you ever imagined. One of the biggest problems when it comes to growing your blogging business is that it takes a large amount of time, a huge amount of effort, and in many cases experience to get the results you need. There are tools out there that you can get your hands on today that can help to streamline your blog so that many of the tasks that are taking up your time are automated. Here are the top 5 tools that will definitely help to make your blogging easier.

Wordpress Platform
Wordpress is a free platform that you can utilize to take your business blogging to the next level. The foundation of this platform will give you all the nuts and bolts that you need to build a successful blog from the ground up. The best part is that it is all plug and go. Simply get the blog running and add plugins that will automate many different processes that used to take up most of your day. There are plugins that capture email addresses, hide affiliate links, block certain IPs, auto post comments, and even add social media links to all your posts.

Wordpress Robot
This is by far the most powerful plugin you could possibly add to your blogging business, and it will definitely take your company to another level. Once installed on your blog, you have the ability to tell the robot to do a number of different tasks automatically. The WP Robot can post content from Amazon, post articles from different article directories, post products from eBay, post YouTube Videos, and even Flickr images. You program the robot to make posts every few hours, and set it and forget it. Each day new content related to your niche will be automatically posted for as long as you like. You could leave the site alone for a year, and the robot will continue to add fresh content each day for you.

Google Analytics
How can you possibly tell if your blogging business is getting more traffic without being able to analyze traffic patterns. Google Analytics will do that for you for free, and also give you invaluable resources you can use to grow your business. The tool allows you to see what keywords visitors used to find your website, how long they stayed, which pages they looked at, and what country they came from. These resources can help you to sculpt your keywords to attract more visitors.

Wordpress Mobile Detector
With more and more people using their smartphones to do everything, your blogging business had better look amazing on the mobile devices too. Most times web owners do not even consider what their website looks like on a smartphone until it is too late. Rather than deal with the headache of revamping your website, install the free Wordpress Mobile Detector and with the click of a mouse your website will look amazing on any mobile device.

Internet security is something everyone must take serious, especially website owners. Once a hacker finds a back door he can access on your website and all your hard work goes away. Losing months or years of hard work is not fun. The Wordfence plugin will secure your blogging business and keep your website and your visitors information secure. No more daily scans are needed for your website with manual anti virus tools, the Wordfence plugin will put a protective barrier around your website and monitor it for all potential threats around the clock.


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