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December 13, 2012

ClientPoint uses the most advanced cloud computing hosting technologies available in the industry today. ClientPoint does not host your data on a normal server as most all other services do. We utilise cutting edge cloud computing technology provided by Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. Your ClientPoint is operating securely inside the cloud on Amazon's world renowned data centers. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing accessible to applications such as your ClientPoint.

As ClientPoint runs on EC2 it takes advantage of a truly elastic computing environment. EC2 enables ClientPoint to increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days. ClientPoint can commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously to ensure your ClientPoint is a high performance selling tool.

Cloud Computing Advantages
Cloud computing is the cure for most IT related headaches with none of the hassles of managing on-premise software installs. There is no software to buy, maintain, backup or upgrade. The cloud computing model is a model that is drawing huge numbers of enterprises that are increasingly asked to do more with less in our economic climate. Upgrades are worry free and happen automatically with no IT resources or additional cost required on your end. ClientPoint's cloud computing model (aka SaaS or ASP) provides unprecedented time to value at a price point that will allow large organisations and small organisations to utilize ClientPoint at a small per user cost that returns value that scales with your business.

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