Social Selling: The Eloqueen

July 16, 2012

Social Selling (AKA Sales 2.0) is a type of sales that is born in social media and is nurtured through other vehicles, like email, meetings, phone calls, etc.

Some people like SS, while some people don’t. In this post, I’m going to take a look at Jill Rowley, self-proclaimed Social Seller for Eloqua, a company that specializes in that automated marketing jazz.

Her formal position there, as per her Linkedin page is the “Eloqueen”. She specializes in B2B sellers, sales and marketing integration, lead nurturing and more. I recommend checking out her Linkedin profile; it’s good stuff.

Check out this interview in which she talks about what exactly she does and how she does it:

Interview audio

So, now that you’ve heard a supporter of the famed SS, check in next week for the counterpoint and some good, old fashioned debate.

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