How to get thousands of people to read your business blog posts

November 18, 2015

We live in a day and age where most businesses face a huge problem – they are unable to get any traffic to their blog posts. Most of the content created by these businesses is top-notch, with extremely useful information, great images and flawless spelling. However, it seems that no matter what they do, they simply can’t make people access their posts and read the whole content.

Things are simple – if you have a business and you want to be successful, you need to make sure you have a constant stream of people who read your blog posts and share it. Why some businesses seem to have all the success in the world, while some are struggling to get a handful of readers here and there? The solution might be simpler than you expect.

Here are some of the best strategies to attract more readers to your blog posts. In fact, you can get thousands of new people to read your posts every month. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

Write Less and Style your Text

There is no doubt that searchers are becoming more impatient day by day. Back in 1997, Jakob Nielson found out that over 79% of all web users prefer to scan than to read (source: If that was almost 20 years ago, imagine now. Probably more than 99% of us scan an article, reading just the subheadings and the first few sentences of each paragraph. This can only go one way – people hate reading long articles, with cluttered text.

The most important thing you need to do in order to make sure you will gain the attention of at least one thousands people a month is to ensure your posts are no longer than 500 words, and that each paragraph is shorter than 4 lines of text. The best companies out there who have made a name for themselves can write longer posts and still enjoy the same success, because they have a huge fan base. However, as a small business owner, the best way to thrive is to forget everything you’ve learned in the article composition class and structure the paragraphs in the unique inverted pyramid style. Read here how:

Use Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists or bullets are able to create a certain type of fascination few of your readers will be able to resist. Here’s how to make bullet lists much more fascinating than ever before: Remember, bulleted lists are easily scannable and are able to provide a visual break from the rest of your text, so do not hesitate to use them as often as possible.

Spike Interest with Engaging Titles

Avoid plain titles such as “Top Ways on How to do X” or “Discover the Secrets of Beauty”. Here are some great title ideas for you to use:

Here are some elements you should incorporate in your blog posts:

- A number: titles with quantitative elements can spike much more interest for your readers.

- Breaking story: if what you are sharing is something totally unique, make sure to tell that in the title.

- Humor: your title should be humorous enough to make the readers smile and to entice them to want more.

Make it Shareable

One of the most important elements of a blog post is shareability. If you want people to share your blog posts so that you gain many more readers and you increase your reach, you need to ensure each post can easily be shared by the press of a button. Publicize from WordPress is a great example of feature similar to what you should have.

Speak your Audience’s Language

Another important element of blog post promotion and efficiency is the language you use to present the facts and to send a message. You need to use a conversational tone, not an official, press release type of tone. You benefit much more, both from a SEO and user engagement perspective, from using friendly terms that resonate with your target niche. Do not use your blog posts to impress your English teacher, but always try to impress your audience by using similar terms to what they use.

Add Relevant Links

While internal links, strategically placed, will keep people more time on your blog and will make them more interested in knowing you, external links demonstrate your expertise and prove that you have done your lessons. Add internal links to make it easier for your readers to navigate your site and link to authoritative sites to add relevancy and authority to your posts.

Mix up the Formats Used

Far too many businesses use the same format for their blog posts. Do not stick to that negative rule. Try to stand out of the crowd by coming with something unique. You can maybe create a guest post from an industry expert or create a FAQ-type post. Mixing up your content’s format, length, style and authorship is definitely in your advantage.

Capitalize on RSS Feeds

Another amazingly useful method that can help you promote your blog posts is to use RSS feeds. RSS lets subscribers know of any fresh content you post on your blog. This means they do not have to access your blog periodically, but can read and then share your content directly on their RSS readers.

Make Use of Popular Posts

You can easily promote your blog posts by taking a popular post or tweet, sharing it and of course adding your own message. Twitter is an excellent network for doing this.

Create Charts

There is something special with numbers. People do love articles with plenty of digits and numbers. According to a recent study published here (, articles with numbers in the titles or with charts have 175% more chances to be shared. Hence, try to include relevant statistics, stats, surveys and studies in each one of your posts.

Contact an Influencer

Influencers are those experienced marketers with thousands of followers and a great deal of experience online. You can find the best influencers on or on Twitter. Contact a few via mail or social media and kindly ask them to share their thoughts on your topic. If one of them responds to you, than your content becomes more shareable and you gain a whole lot more exposure to a brand new audience. This is definitely a win-win situation.

Here are some more advanced methods to get your blog post promotion to a whole new level:


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