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ClientPoint Thunder Admin Preview Announcement

March 7, 2018

Now Live: Get to know the New Paperless Thunder Experience
As an admin for ClientPoint, we want to notify you that the New Thunder Experience release is here. It is packed with tons of new features to help you work faster and smarter. Get an in-depth, administrator-focused release overview from our training manager.

To help you explore everything Paperless Thunder Experience has to offer, we suggest you:
Click on Switch to new version! in the upper right hand corner and verify your templates, merge documents, and prepare for training your users on the new Paperless Thunder experience.

We are doing a 30 day admin preview starting 6/19/2017 where only your admins will have access. This is so you have time to ensure the new Thunder Experience works well in your organization and let know if you have any issues.

One month after the admin preview there will be a period where your users will be able to switch back and forth between the new Thunder Experience and the current version.

Please register for your complimentary One on One site review to ensure a seamless transition for your users:

Here are just a few of the highlights from this release:

Dashboard: The dashboard has been reimagined to get you to the information and proposals you want quickly.  Each chart has improved filtering capabilities, we have introduced trending reports, as well as recently accessed, viewed, and created dashboards to get you into the proposal you want faster.

Manage: We have added many features to make managing proposals a painless process.  Notice the search box on the top that is available on all screens to quickly get you to the proposal you want.  We have also added bulk actions so you can take action on many proposals at once, enable and disable proposals from the mange screen, and advanced clean filtering to get just the search results you require.

Create: We have visually simplified this process and cut down on the number of steps.  
Client Info and Recipients has been merged into one screen so there is one spot to configure your proposal

  • We now offer the ability to generate PowerPoint documents like we generate Word documents
  • We have added the ability to reorder slides and pick specific slides in our Split tool for PowerPoint
  • Advanced Merge Document Tools now come up full screen so scrolling is much reduced and you can see much more of your tool on one screen.
  • You can now merge Microsoft Word docx files into one file from the create screen
  • Document management within the proposal has received a large upgrade with the ability to checkout and check in files.
  • Finalization and versioning proposals. Now when a revision needs to be made you can still have access to all the old revisions and not just in a PDF but the entire proposal. This is available on Enterprise. Please contact to have this turned on and for training.

Announcing One Pass Templates: 
The ability to generate an entire proposal from one form! With one pass templates you can now conditionally drop files and sections from a master template all driven by a single form and tree.


  • No more page to page within a document you can now scroll continuously through a document
  • Quick Links to jump you directly to a heading in the proposal
  • Jump to headings within a Word document based off the headings from the navigation panel
  • An entirely new easy to use interface


  • You can now set the expiration of a proposal directly from the email screen
  • Proposal sharing is now available!  You will be able to share a proposal with another user who normally would not have access.

Download: Revised UI with the ability to preview a document before you download

Analytics: We have completely modernized the look, feel and functionality of our tracking analytics pages and reworked our in depth analytics with sleek dashboards to help you follow up more accurately and responsively to close more deals.

If you experience any issues please email

Have a great week,

Zeb Evans

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