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Business Tips: How to Network Like a Pro

May 20, 2014

Being able to grow your business by networking will only work if you understand the basic principles and you connect with the right people who can put you in a better position to meet new clients. This might sound easier said than done, but if you can connect with the right people who have a large network already working for them, you become part of the overall network. These people are known as connectors, and they are the people who get things done behind the scenes. These are the professional networkers that can teach you how to use networking to your advantage. These types of individuals have the ability to introduce you to people that share business interests as well as potential clients.

These connectors treat the business world like a coin collector would treat his coins. They have a large variety of relationships with many people that work in many different niches, but they do not get to caught up in developing deep relationships with them all. They simply are able to float between different business worlds and keep those acquaintances open. The common trait that these connectors possess is they are like a bridge builder, connecting different industry leaders with each other where they normally might not interact. That is the quality that you must posses in order to grow your networking ability.

You first want to seek out new relationships with different clients, not necessarily creating deep ones, just creating those contact points. You want to always be on the look out for creating a new friendship in the business world while at the same time trying to connect those new prospects with old ones. Connecting the dots in a sense is how you broaden the scope and range of your network. When you are in a room with a successful connector, they have the unique ability to walk you around an basically introduce you to about 80% of the people with a handshake. 

You may not think that you have the ability to be a connector and expand your networking capabilities, but the truth is it is much easier than you even imagine. You already know a connector in your church, Chamber of Commerce, or local American Legion. You only have to friend a connector to have access to their incredibly large network of associates. Ask this person if they would consider going with you to the next networking seminar in the area and represent you. This way you can watch and learn how they immediately connect with the room and help to expand your reach further than you ever thought possible.

Being able to talk about your business in a positive light should be easy for you. If you are in an industry where you sell high dollar items, you only need to attract one new client in your networking campaign to be in great shape. Consider getting just one new contact and don’t stress over the networking process. If your company has a product or service worth talking about, the item will do all the selling for you. Whether you use a connector to help you get the word out, or you simply toot your own horn and expand your networking slowly at first, it only takes meeting another powerful connector to have your reach expand beyond your imagination.

Networking is all about interaction with other people. If you are not comfortable letting others expand your reach, start slow talk about the best thing about your business to your new contacts. Work these rooms and make people you talk with feel like they are important to you. Don’t try and sell, try and connect, because these connections will grow like a spiders web, and eventually you will have a much further reach in your niche than you could using any other type of marketing campaign.

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