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Best Free Business Apps For Your Phone and Tablet

January 24, 2017

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the best free business apps for your smartphone and tablet. In this article we are going to review what we see as being the top 10 free business apps for your smartphone or tablet. Please note that the list is in not arranged in any order. 

1. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor 


Many business people work outside of the office, especially when performing sales. The OfficSuite +PDF Editor app gives you Microsoft Office features all in one place. Through the app, you can access your Word documents; Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and you can even edit downloaded PDF files. The initial versions were limited to Microsoft Word and Excel files only, and PDF features for the premium account. However, this issue has been fixed in the latest update and now all users can access and edit PDF files. 

2. Evernote 


Organization is very important when it comes to business. The Evernote app is a note-taking app that allows you to write and save business notes, schedules and plans. The app also allows you to organize financial documents, receipts, and invoices. Further, the Evernote app is attachment-enabled meaning you can attach your business documents whether in Word or Excel as well as other media to your note. This feature enables you to stay organized 24/7 and remember crucial details on your to-do list. Evernote works on IOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices which makes it an all-rounded application that syncs and stores your data on the cloud giving you great flexibility. 

3. CamScanner 


Speed and convenience are critical factors for the success of a business or organization. The CamScanner offers numerous benefits for convenience lovers as it helps manage documents in addition to scanning them. Additionally, for sharing purposes, the app allows you to save your scans in PDF mode and different page sizes from A4, A5, and eight others as well. The application is IOS, Android and Windows compatible, which makes it accessible and convenient for everyone. The auto sync feature enables you to access all your documents from any of your linked devices. 

4. ColorNote


ColorNote is a sticker note application that is currently only available for Android OS for handset devices. The application is a brilliant asset for business people as it helps plan and organize your day in terms of task priority. Through the app, you get to remove activities and responsibilities you have managed to fulfill while the others remain on the list. Additional features of the app are the reminder function which enables you to set the alarm for a particular task or tasks. The ColorNote app has a sticky note widget that can be set to hang on your home screen.

5. LinkedIn for Mobile


LinkedIn is used by millions of business professionals to connect and network. LinkedIn is a versatile application that is accessible in IOS, Blackberry and Android operating systems. Through LinkedIn, you can search for business professionals all over the world for prospecting as well as to conduct research on potential companies you may want to work for or to recruit new employees you. Linked in has grown so popular in the workplace that some businesses will not recruit an employee unless that person has an active LinkedIn profile. 

6. Skype 


Skype originated as a social app but has gradually evolved into a corporate and business communications application. Available in IOS, Android, and Blackberry, the app offers unlimited online communication. Through Skype, businesses can conduct both video and audio interviews, collaborate with employees and contractors globally, and communicate with prospective clients.  

7. Google Drive


Arguably the most reliable online document storage platform. Google drive is device friendly, meaning it can easily function on any device including a tablet, a PC, and a smartphone. The application allows you to store files permanently without the risk of loss or destruction. Additionally, the application has an easy to use interface that enables users to share, edit or view documents. This makes it a convenient application, whether for big or small businesses. The application is compatible with all Android, IOS and Blackberry devices. 

8. Slack 


Slack is a smartphone chat application that is designed to enhance staff communication. This is done through the creation of chat groups between different employees where goals and targets can be shared real-time as well as receiving feedback on tasks undertaken. The application is convenient since it allows workflow integration—meaning it you can access all your documents whether on Google Drive or Gmail through Slack. 

9. Twitter


Although not primarily a business application, Twitter is among the most widely used social media applications by business as a form of social media marketing. Through the application, many businesses have managed to create a following by maintaining an active and consistent profile that shares posts that are of value to the company's Twitter followers.

10. Office Lens


Office Lens is an application designed by the Microsoft to enhance the viewing of documents and images. Through the application, you can highlight blurred photos, documents, and PDFs and transform them into readable and usable files. The Office Lens application works on both Android and IOS devices and is a great tool to enhance documents and images that are difficult to read. The formatted documents can be saved with ease and shared with others. 

The above applications are ten of the most popular and frequently used apps that business people rely on when it comes to performing work-related activities on their phone or tablet. Although some of these apps require some form of support from external software and applications; they are reliable and convenient.


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