5 Tips for a More Successful Business Blog in 2014

January 14, 2014

Once you have created a nice business blog that complements your business website, it is time to drive more traffic to your company with a strategic plan of action. Creating new and fresh content is the key to getting readers involved with your blog, but that is not the only thing you should consider. This blog is an extension of your company, and it should be treated as professionally as the main website is. Here are 5 tips for running a more successful business blog in 2014.

Keeping Your Blog Consistent
Try to make a plan and decide how many times a week or month that you are going to make new posts and then stick to it. When you decide to create a new post each Tuesday morning to your business blog, your fans will start to come to anticipate those posts on a weekly basis. When Tuesday comes that does mean you have to scramble to make a post, simply write it in advance and schedule the post to go live on Tuesday morning. That way your regular followers will get exactly what they are looking for on a consistent basis and not think the worst has happened to you when they don\'t see a post for two or three weeks.

Fresh and Compelling Content
One of the reasons that readers will show up each week on your business blog is because they are looking for information. If you spin the same content over and over no one is going to make time to visit your pages. Think in advance how you can keep those readers engaged and looking for more each week. Create a unique post and tease them at the end by letting them know that the next post has some exciting information in it. Keep the content fresh and provide solutions to common problems many of your readers have. A great way to come up with content is read the replies on your posts, and see if you can answer one of those concerns with next weeks blog post.

Sprinkle in Some Keywords
The purpose of your business blog is not to spam the search engines, but that doesn\'t mean you can\'t sprinkle in some highly searched relevant keywords to get some new traffic. Your new blog posts will be crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders, and the more relevant those keywords are, the more people will find your posts when they search those terms in the search engines. Keep this in mind as you create each post for your business blog.

Use the Expert Advice of Others
As your business blog begins to take on a live of its own, getting a unique perspective from leaders in the industry can help to boost your audience even more. Look for leaders in different niches that can offer something to your readers and interview them about some questions your followers have been concerned with recently. These blog posts can offer a perspective from a different side that can help your audience with their concerns, and also give your blog the brand of being a place to must see when questions in a particular niche are raised.

Tell the World About Yourself
Let your readers know who really are. Not the way you describe yourself on Facebook and Twitter, but things that really make you excited and looking forward to each day. Tell your readers about your staff and people who help to make your company the success that it is. Engaging your readers and letting them put a face to the personality is a great way to grow that business relationship with them. The business blog will be rewarded with an increase in traffic, an increase in sales at your website, and your overall brand recognition and awareness will increase as a result.


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