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Industry: Manufacturing


Vortex Aquatic Systems was able to reduce its time to proposal creation from hours to minutes with ClientPoint. 

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The Situation

To create business proposals to win new clients, the sales team at Vortex would manually create their business proposals by writing and compiling many different documents. Some of these documents were templates while others were written from scratch.

The problems and frustrations caused by using this system were:

  • Creating proposals was very time consuming and took anywhere from 4-8 hours create a single business proposal.
  • Because creating a proposal was so time consuming, sometimes sales reps would not create a proposal for a prospective client that they thought was “iffy” and not a strong contender for buying. This led to many lost sales opportunities.
  • The proposals they created were inconsistent in their appearance, content, and corporate brand message. Depending on which salesperson created a proposal, each proposal may have a different appearance, different content included in it, and a different corporate “voice.” This inconsistency reflected poorly on the company's brand image and overall sales message.
  • Their proposals looked similar to the proposals of their competitors -  hurting their image as a unique and superior company within their industry.

The CEO of Vortex, Stephen Hamelin, decided that their current system for creating business proposals was time intensive and inconsistent. Their goal was to find a proposal creation system that would integrate with their Salesforce CRM to automate much of their new business process, while making their proposals consistent, accurate, and visually unique.

Vortex liked that ClientPoint connects to and shares data easily with Salesforce. This helped to automate much of the work their sales team used to do manually.

The Solution

ClientPoint worked with Vortex to build custom business proposal templates that matched their exact business needs. ClientPoint then trained the Vortex sales teams how to use the ClientPoint system to create, track, and manage all of their business proposals.

"Our sales people love ClientPoint because it is so easy to use and they can create an impressive business proposal in about 10-15 minutes. I think the biggest benefit that ClientPoint has provided to us is an exponential increase in productivity for our sales team”

Maria Madlener, Sales Specialist, Vortex Aquatic Structures

The Results

The time it took for a Vortex salesperson to create a professional business proposal was reduced from 8 hours down to 10 minutes, a 980% decrease in time spent creating proposals. This tremendous time savings allows the Vortex sales staff to be much more productive, focusing the majority of their time interacting with prospects and clients and selling instead of sitting in front of a computer.

  • Because creating a business proposal was now so fast and easy, sales reps began creating proposals for all opportunities, increasing sales and market share.
  • Vortex business proposals now have a professional and consistent appearance, which has helped to build their brand and separate them from their competitors.
  • The sales team is now able to easily create and add personalized video clips into each proposal, helping Vortex stand out and close more deals.
  • Vortex is able to automate data sharing between ClientPoint and Salesforce, making it quick and easy to build, track, and manage all of their business proposals. For example, when creating a proposal, ClientPoint would automatically pull from the CRM and then paste all of the cut sheets and videos that relate to every single item quoted in the proposal.

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