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A Word from our CEO


A Word from our CEO

I recently attended Gartner’s high-growth conference, and wanted to share a few takeaways. Since the birth of the web, I’ve found two analyst firms, G...

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How Joining Business Network International Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Business Network International, known as BNI, is a world renowned organization that takes local networking for businesse...

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What is and How Your Small Business Can Use It

If you run a small business and you have not heard of yet, now might be a good time to get yourself acquaint...

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How a Small Business Can Copy the Way Amazon Provides Amazing Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the undisputed king of the mountain is Amazon. Amazon customer service consistently r...

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The Top 3 Free and Low Cost Cloud Based CRM Services

Managing customer relationships is no longer acceptable on index cards, scraps of paper, or Post-it notes. Too many deta...

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Power Pose

Amy Cuddy can tell who you are by how you sit, stand, lean, lounge and generally move about your day. And she also knows...

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Love: As You Love Thyself

I love to support businesses who love themselves. While vacationing in San Antonio, today, the ‘L’ word was on my mind t...

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Call Me, Maybe? A Sophisticated Approach

Flickr/ Alex Montandon studied the 100,000 call attempts and 15,000 leads that comprised 3 years of call...

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Social Selling: The Counterpoint

martinhoward/Flickr Alright, so Miss. Eloqueen may be a firm supporter of so-called social selling, but let me tell you,...

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Social Selling: The Eloqueen

Social Selling (AKA Sales 2.0) is a type of sales that is born in social media and is nurtured through other vehicles, l...

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Humanize your digital selling experience: ClientPoint Cloud


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ClientPoint Cloud keeps all of your proposal content, marketing materials, agreements, and other business assets all in one place, to safely store and...

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