Why You Should Focus More on Google+ Than Facebook for Your Business

January 13, 2014

When you are serious about growing your business with the help of social media, the time has come to focus less of your efforts on Facebook. One of the reasons many business people are decreasing their efforts on Facebook is because the interaction concerning business pages seems more fluff than substance. People liking other pages in the hopes to get liked back is not the way to grow your business and your brand. Your company needs legitimate interaction with people who are decision makers within their company. One of the social media platforms more business owners are placing their focus is to Google+. Here are just a few reasons why you should focus more on Google+ rather than Facebook for your business.

The Power of Advertising
Google is king when it comes to advertising, and their Adsense program is one of the most successful ways to promote your company. When you create your business Google+ account, you have the ability to create a unique post and them promote it just like an Adsense advertisement. Visitors that see your ad can simply hit the +1 feature and begin to interact with you and your ad. With these ads able to be promoted in Gmail too, you can quickly get your business brand in front of the targeted audience that you need to successfully grow your company.

Organizing Your Efforts
When it comes to organizing your efforts of Facebook, there is quite a lot left to be desired. There really is no way to track and analyze the traffic that comes to your business Fan page. This is where Google+ sets the bar high. The analytic tools provided by Google+ allow you to closely monitor all the interaction that takes place on your account and within your circles. The circles or groups that you create and interact with have a much closer relationship with you than that of Facebook. When you invite your circles to see a new product release, you can be sure those people who have added you in their circles will be interested and show up. The analytics give yo the ability to see who is interacting with you within your circles, and who the biggest engagers are as well as sharers.

Search Engine Optimization
One of the biggest reasons you have to move your efforts from Facebook to Google+ is accessibility. Google has a default search option of social for users, so this means when you make a Google+ post, you have the opportunity to get that post to the top spots on page one for your relevant keyword. Scroll through your top keyword on the search pages and see how many Facebook pages are in the first few pages. Google will index those posts that you make, and if you have added a link to your website and someone hit the +1 button, you are credited with a new link. This is an extremely powerful way to get your brand to the top pages in the search results for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Getting to Know Your Fans
When you create a Fan page on Facebook, the only way you can interact with those visitors is either by private message one at a time, or post on your wall to address all your fans. This is where Google+ takes it up a notch. Hangouts is their version of sitting face to face with people in your inner circle. The range however that you can interact with your fans is completely customizable. Whether you want to talk to one user, a bunch or users, or the entire group, you have the ability to filter your audience any way you like. If you ever wanted to interact with new customers in China you are out of lick on Facebook because that social media platform is banned in China. When you want to expand your presence in China Google+ is the best way to get that done.

When you want to seriously take your business to the next level by way of social media, Google+ gives you a much broader audience and the tools needed to work closely with your fans and promote your company as a leader in that industry.


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